It’s always Latin America, isn’t it?

Brazil’s match with Argentina descended into farce on Sunday evening before it was abandoned after health officials invaded the pitch to deport four Premier League players accused of misleading authorities over their flights from the UK.

This sort of absurd chaos. Just, for some reason, the right place for it. Like Ruritania for princes in hussar uniforms, culturally appropriate.

5 thoughts on “It’s always Latin America, isn’t it?”

  1. According to the BBC website, it was “abandoned over Covid”… Much better scary story than misleading the authorities.. 🙂

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Does anyone think the Premier League’s talented Argentinians and Brazilians will have to spend 10 days eating cold chips in the run down Holiday Inn on the Bath road upon their return?

  3. Biggie–If the UKs cowardly scum had any bottle neither would they.

    Don’t pay/Don’t go and fight with whoever they send against you. Even with reduced travel Plod and the private goons will be heavily outnumbered. As with the cowardly Uni students they could have easily given their hired hand tormentors a beating that would have ended their careers as private thugs.

  4. I this Ecksy is not wrong. Submitting to tyranny gets you more tyranny. You want to fight this now or when they’ve put tanks on the streets?

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