It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

There is no difference between the Estradot patches cisgender women are given by my GP and the Estradot patches I have. But while my GP prescribes them for the former group, my prescription is overseen by the gender clinic.

Is gender dysphoria sufficiently different from menopause that it should be treated by a different type of doctor, even though the treatment is the same?

15 thoughts on “It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?”

  1. D’y see that graph!? They’re wasting 6 million a year on these perverts. Half as much again as they did two years ago. Lions. Now. Before it’s too late.

  2. An MD will probably prescribe amoxicillin for an ear infection, while a dentist will prescribe it for a gum abscess. Same treatment, different condition, different doctor.

  3. At current rates, if you join the waiting list today you will have to wait 31 years for your first appointment. That’s not a typo. If you join the waiting list aged 18, you will be 49 before you get your initial appointment.

    Other gender clinics aren’t quite as bad, but they’re still bad. NHS referrals should take no more than 18 weeks; for trans people, 3-4 years is considered quick. Once again the reality is very different from what the newspapers are telling you.

    Working as intended then….
    Whichever way you look at it, gender dysphoria is a chronic psychiatric problem that is not in and of itself in any way lethal or debilitating, unless in extreme cases.
    And most people suffering from it get by without trying to become , literally, a travesty of the gender they are convinced they are.

    A decent waiting period ( to the tune of months/years, instead of weeks) before someone is allowed to start officially and permanently mutilating his/herself is a pretty good idea, especially in the case of psychiatric patients.

    And, funny that….., it’s actually mandatory in almost all cases, because you’re talking about irreversible mutilation of a physically healthy person. Which is an exception to the rule that medical people are not allowed to do that, period.

    But hey…. “Carry” and reality…

  4. One would think that if you were a biological male being prescribed a large dose of female hormones that one would want a doctor that specializes in doing this in order to better manage any issues that might arise.

    Rather than a doctor that doesn’t understand how these hormones act in a male body. Especially when one is not actually getting it prescribed to deal with menopause but a totally different condition.

  5. Emil, there’s no worry there… “cis” = us louts.
    Y’know.. healthy, sort-of-well-adjusted in their life when it comes to gender, gender perception, and the general role of gender when it comes to the number 42.

    The! Enemy!, when it comes to “Carry” and its ilk. Something they throw at us as an insult that we can happily throw back in their faces without any remorse.

  6. Is gender dysphoria sufficiently different from menopause

    I didn’t know the menopause was a mental illness. Gender dysphoria is not ‘treated’ by female hormones. Estradot will not cure the mentally ill of their delusions, nor will it turn them into females. It is wasteful pandering to the insane, like prescribing an 18th century French general’s uniform to treat someone who thinks he is Napoleon.

  7. Dennis, Dispensing Wisdom. Or Something.

    But while my GP prescribes them for the former group, my prescription is overseen by a psychiatrist.

    Dear Carrie:

    The fact that you are receiving medication from a psychiatrist should serve as an indicator that perhaps you’ve gone astray.

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