I’ve been a salesman

Chris Stark, the chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), urged the debate over net zero to be framed in a more positive light: “It can be done,” he said. “It is worth it … I hope we can move away from thinking about the cost and see it as a mission to modernise the economy.”

The only time you don’t emphasise how cheap the offering is is when it’s grossly expensive.

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  1. “It can be done,”
    No it can’t.
    “It is worth it …”
    No it isn’t, it will have no effect whatsoever.
    “I hope we can move away from thinking about the cost…”
    Since the cost will be astronomical I don’t see how you expect that to happen.
    “…and see it as a mission to modernise the economy.”
    Modernise it back to the stone age presumably.

    He is either an utterly deluded fool or a liar, not the sort of person who should be in any position of influence.

  2. So the cabinet has to take the blame for the ‘modest’ lifestyle changes he wants forced down people’s throats.

    If I was the cabinet, I’d just say fuck off.

  3. Is it worth considering why the richest and most powerful people and institutions on the planet – everybody from Bezos to BlackRock – are all in on climate change and covid authoritarianism? (Which I expect to merge BTW, lockdowns and internal passports could easily be repurposed for ‘the environment’)

    I don’t think they’re doing it for our benefit.

  4. But the Cabinet won’t. They’ll just bend over the big table on No 10 and say “Give it to me harder like a funky sex machine.”

    ( Channelling my inner Vyvyan there).

  5. “I hope we can move away from thinking about the cost and see it as a mission to modernise the living room/commute/shed, dear. Hey, have you lost some weight?”

  6. But surely renewable energy is now much cheaper than boring, traditional, thermal sources? We’re told so constantly, so it must be true. In which case, we’ll all just switch to save ourselves money, and nothing further need be done – though there’ll no more highly paid sinecures as “chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC)” :(. Unless it’s all porkies, of course.

  7. “Two years ago, the UK led the world in adopting a 2050 net zero target, which is essential if humanity is to have any chance of keeping global heating to the relatively safe level of 1.5C to 2C. Last December, the CCC outlined five ways to reach that goal, which the cabinet will soon have to decide on before the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in the autumn.”

    So it’s not just Mr Stark who’s full of it, the idiot writing the article is too.

    And Mr Stark? Who he? Apparently a career civil servant with no science/engineering knowledge (I infer, because surely if he were a Great Scientist it’d be trumpeted from the rooftops?).

    I think it might be time to adopt a variant of what someone was proposing the other day (that suggestion that MPs who vote for stuff which is found to be unconstitutional be subject to very severe penalties). I think that people in the sort of position that the Stark occupies should be required to:

    – make firm predictions for the next 5, 10, 20 and 50 years about what is happening if we continue as we are doing right now
    – make firm predictions of the cost of doing the specific things they recommend to avert such doom, again with firm predictions at the same intervals of costs and the effects and the benefits of the effects.

    Then when they are wrong by more than 10% at any moment, they have their possessions taken, and are forbiiden to work for any form of government again

    When they’re wrong by more than 50% they and their family are executed. Family extends out quite a while, so that we still get blood at the 20 and 50 years stages even if the instigator has moved on.

    They don’t get a reprieve for leaving the job or recanting or changing their mind.

    And the thing is, they should, if they are honest in their beliefs, be happy to sign up to a deal like this.

  8. The clown needs to swing and this fucking Govt with him. Blojob Johnson squealing like a stuck pig every instant.

  9. Richard Betts from the Met Office tweeted that climate alarmism sceptic Paul Homewood blocks MO personnel from commenting on his blog. When asked whether this was the case Homewood’s response was:

    “Richard has certainly posted a few of his comments in the past, and is not blocked. I cannot recall any of his colleagues ever commenting…”

    Who do you suppose is lying? I suppose that it is more likely to be projection since alarmist websites block sceptics all the time and just assume that the sceptics do the same.

  10. @ Stoneyground
    “He is either an utterly deluded fool or a liar, not the sort of person who should be in any position of influence”

    Being an utterly deluded fool or a liar, preferably both, does seem to be an integral part of being in any position of influence.

  11. Wouldn’t “I’ve been a soldier” have been more appropriate? Especially after the Afghanistan experience.

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