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Not exactly MMT then

The Bank of England has appointed a new chief economist who is a staunch critic of limitless money printing and has railed against overmighty technocrats.

Huw Pill, an alumnus of the European Central Bank and Goldman Sachs, risks ruffling feathers at Threadneedle Street after a decade in which the Bank flirted with negative interest rates and pumped billions of pounds into the economy through quantitative easing.

Although of course such views can fit into an MMT worldview – we’re just at the wrong part of the cycle to do more of it.

Piss the P³ off tho’.

5 thoughts on “Not exactly MMT then”

  1. Actually, I could see the Great Potato making a beeline for the Governorship of the Central Bank of an independent Scotland.

    He’s certainly been paving the way – rimmming the Nats to a quite revolting extent.

  2. If he was any use to the cause of freedom and sound money he would not be where he is.

    Just another wheel with the pigs who vents occasional streams of thought.

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