Oooooh, Cool!


Britain’s broadcast media is too valuable to be the toy of politicians and moguls
Will Hutton

Privatise everything to get the politicians out of it!

Except, of course, that’s not what he means. Instead, he means that the taxpayers should still pay for it all. But elections shouldn’t be allowed to change either what is reported, how it is reported, nor who pays for it.

So even if we revolt against Willy we still have to put up with Willy.

4 thoughts on “Oooooh, Cool!”

  1. “Britain’s stubborn attachment to non-Tory values infuriates and worries Conservative politicians to equal degree. Yes, there is a suspicion of immigration or welfare cheats and an attachment to law and order they can exploit, but belief in fairness, in standing together and public spiritedness and, increasingly, in matters green seem impervious to attack.”

    The problem is that none of the electoral data since the 1970s agrees with this. “Nasty party” people who stick to the knitting like economy, education, health, crime, immigration do well. It’s how Blair and Thatcher sold themselves. How well did Cameron and May, who apologised for being a robust party do? Not very well. People turned out for Nigel Farage who had more of what they wanted.

    If you got the right sort of Conservative PM, the sort that the Guardian would really hate, they’d have a 100+ majority.

  2. “it’s obviously a fairly cheap problem to solve”

    Yes, and because it’s a stupid mathematical definition of poverty it could be dealt with in a stupid way too. All you need is a change to taxation to depress the median income. As the median goes down the mythical poverty line at 60% of that value goes down pulling countless thousands out of “poverty”.

  3. For crying out loud, British media is the communications arm of the blob, it doesn’t give a flying monkey about politicians or moguls. What other wisdom does Willy have to share, the Guardian is a far right newspaper?

  4. The belief in fairness is one of the reasons for voting Conservative.
    Government subsidies to its media rabble-rouser Grauniad is Labour policy, as is hand-outs to its core voters in the public sector unions, fixing constituency boundaries to favour Labour-voting areas (by ordering the boundary commission to have smaller constituencies in Wales and Scotland, but not Northern Ireland, and increase the size of English, not Scottish constituencies in order to have low-population constituencies in Western Isles and Orkney & Zetland), fiddling the definition of “needs” until it favoured only labour-controlled councils … need I go on?

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