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Should’a gone fracking

Here’s what gets me:

Ministers are preparing emergency support measures to tackle the mounting gas crisis as up to a million families face an energy bill price hike.

Energy companies are asking for a financial crisis-style government bailout, as four UK suppliers teeter on the brink of collapse following a surge in the wholesale price of natural gas across Europe.

Boris Johnson on Sunday night did not rule out the current gas shortage lasting for months as he blamed the problem on the demand boost from global economies coming out of lockdowns.

Absolutely none of the commentary – with the exception of me – is making the point that we should’a gone fracking. OK, I’ve not read everything but I can’t see it being shouted from the rooftops at least.


16 thoughts on “Should’a gone fracking”

  1. Fossil fuels are evil, that’s why. So is nuclear. Greenpeace says so.
    We should all be content to live as they did back in the good old days and eke out an existence in the cold and the dark, when life was hard, brutal and short.

  2. The anti-nuclear lot were funded by the Kremlin back in the cold war. Not expensive for a state actor, even one as short of hard currency as Moscow: a few buses to move protesters around, wages for a handful of full-time agitators, small bits of equipment, but for the most part rely on the useful idiots. Now the same lot are against fracking which — in a remarkable show of coincidence — favours Russia. Does anyone really think Vlad the Bad would have axed such a cheap-yet-effective programme?

  3. It’s to be hoped that a crisis occurs this winter so pols are obliged to face reality.

    Farage on GBN didn’t say the F word but did say the UK needs to be energy-independent.

  4. Perhaps when everyone is sat in the cold and dark on Christmas Day eating nut roll instead of turkey, the penny will finally drop.

  5. The excuses are already in.

    It’s proof of the unreliability of fossil fuels, proving you need even more windmills to not generate power during calm weeks.

    It’s all an evil plan by Dr Evil in the evil Kremlin, so the best response to being dependent upon an evil monopoly supplier is to insult and threaten that supplier (who can just as easily sell the gas to China). Eat your greens, or Putin will get you!

    The law of supply and demand is a capitalist plot, so the response to soaring gas prices is to legislate a price cap and demand everyone sells gas and electricity at a price below the cap. Oh, why is there no gas and electricity for sale?

    Nationise the power stations and the gas supply. Oh, that’s overseas in a nuclear power. The one we’ve just been demonising. Ummm. I know, we’ll sail a toy destroyer through waters off the Crimea, that’ll scare them!

    All the above are either headlines, or politician’s demands.

    Now then, this Law of Gravity, it’s very inconvenient, must be a capitalist plot, cannot you repeal it, Boris?

  6. How much does a full page ad in a UK national news paper cost?

    Because putting a simple

    “Frack or Freeze”

    ad would probably gather a good deal of attention

  7. Matt

    While I’d agree that it’s in the interests of the Russians to oppose fracking, it’s also in the interests of the Middle Eastern oil producers.

    I’d suggest they all toss a bit in the pot when they think it supports their interests. It is remarkable that the Greens never seem to run out of money.

  8. Lets not forget that the US was energy self sufficient till the mental colossus (now that could be read a couple of ways…..) who now occupies the White House banned fracking on US government land, meaning all those nice US people that had been buying gas fracked on US government land had to go and find somewhere else to buy their gas. This same colossus then aksed (not a typo, I’m trying to get down with the homies)those nice middle eastern chappies to up their production to fill the void he himself had created but they said ‘not on your nelly’, and we see the inevitable price rise for the rest of the world.

  9. Yep Addolff. The policy of withdrawing from the Middle East is directly contradicted by his banning of fracking, and the Keystone pipeline.

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