Shoulda’ gone fracking

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is orchestrating a deliberate energy supply crisis in Europe by restricting the seasonal flows of pipeline gas, preventing the region rebuilding its severely depleted inventories fast enough before the onset of winter.

The UK is not the target of this geostrategic squeeze but is dangerously exposed after having slashed its gas storage capacity to wafer-thin levels in order to save costs. The country must rely on energy back-up through gas and electricity interconnectors to the Continent, which cannot be taken for granted in emergency circumstances.

“The UK is more vulnerable to a gas supply crisis than other Western European countries. It has way too little storage and it is buying more Russian gas than it realises through the Netherlands,” said Marco Alverà, chief executive of the Italian pipeline and infrastructure group SNAM.

Instead the green tits took over and imposed that ludicrous 0.5 on the Richter scale limit.

13 thoughts on “Shoulda’ gone fracking”

  1. Every which way you look, we take decisions that lead to our poverty and destruction.

    Here in Spain, they are blaming the doubling of the electricity price on rising gas prices. No questioning, why? The answer? More weather-dependent unreliable intermittent renewables, ‘cos there cheaper, innit?’

  2. Either that or build nukes, but they won’t do that either. I think they want people to die so they can boost their claims of a ‘climate crisis’.

  3. The poor and elderly will be going down like flies every winter once Bozo’s green madness really hits.

    If I was buying a house in the UK, I’d want space for a woodshed and a diesel generator.

  4. Did anyone do the research into the funding sources for XR and other green groups. Something tells me if one does that research then you’ll find Russian money

  5. Francis T–Fucking CCP money more like.

    Help destroy their rivals from within. Which is why we should be doing the same and siccing hackers on their social credit tyranny not trying to copy it.

  6. Came here after reading that and thinking, “Worstall will have something useful to say about this!”

    I want more, though. Also from the article: “At the end of the day, the UK has enough LNG terminal capacity to cover emergency gas needs whatever happens”

    Ok we won’t “run out” of anything, we never do, but prices will be high. Of course, greens like high energy prices, except when they don’t.

  7. We on the left pond have plenty of gas to sell you Oops, Biden put a stop to that.

    Maybe you can join us in begging the Saudis to pump more…

  8. Was looking at a house recently that’s out in the sticks and the advert declared it came with 2 generators, starting to look like a reasonable extra

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