Sounds about right, yes

…”They’ve been piggybacking on other people’s events,” Jared Holt, a fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, told USA Today. “They go where they believe the culture war is being fought, because they see themselves as potentially violent enforcers in a broader culture war.”

Oh, waiddaminute. That’s about the Proud Boys. Not Antifa/revolutionaryworkersparty/trots/thelongmarchthroughtheinstitutions.

2 thoughts on “Sounds about right, yes”

  1. Jared Holt is an extreme-left wing activist who is angry that ordinary Americans are refusing to roll over and give the left victory in the Culture Wars without making a fuss.

  2. I was at an event in New York City a few years ago (it was a speaking engagement) where some Proud Boys were present. AntiFa attacked all event attendees, and threw projectiles at some of the PBs. A few of them defended themselves, and one of them is still in prison to this day as punishment for a 17-second fistfight with the thugs.

    Since AntiFa hates cops, no charges were ever pressed by the actual parties involved, but Governor Cuomo was up for re-election and he needed to further the “rampant white supremacy” narrative.

    It didn’t matter that the Proud Boy in question has a black wife with whom he had several children, because the local media simply cropped her out of their news stories. Off to prison her husband went.

    Hear it straight from her at:

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