The glory of markets

Michaela Coel has accused Netflix of “exploitation” by offering $1 million (£725,000) for her television series, I May Destroy You, but not allowing her to own a percentage of the copyright.

The writer and actress turned down the streaming site and took her drama to the BBC, after which it went on to win two Baftas and receive nine Emmy Award nominations.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a multiplicity of buyers for your product? So that if one offers terms you don’t like then there’s another with which to treat?

Also, who the fuck is Michaela Coel and what in buggery is “I May Destroy You”?

27 thoughts on “The glory of markets”

  1. I’m sure if the BBC bought it, “I May Destroy You” will be some drama in which nasty evil climate destroying white capitalist men are defeated by strong feisty independent disabled ethnically diverse lesbian women.

  2. Hard to comment unless we know the terms offered by the Beeb. But if they offered more than $1m,it’s more fuel for the anti-licence campaigners.

  3. As Diogenes says, it is hard to know the relative value of the deals unless we know what the BBC offered. A decent interviewer might have asked her.

    Having looked at the story, I would have taken the cash up front. I doubt she’ll be making much on repeat fees, despite the critical acclaim.

    Coel wrote & starred in a comedy series called Chewing Gum, which was very ‘diverse London’ but with comedy at the Mrs Brown’s Boys level. I watched a couple of episodes, mainly because she’s rather tasty.

  4. Wonder how much she made overall. Although it should be said that the BBC isn’t exactly a commercial organisation so doesn’t care as long as the correct PC statements and actions are made. Netflix wants to make money.

    Once the BBC loses its funding, which will happen, then this just won’t happen. The BBC will have to be profitable.

  5. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    It sounds very much like she was being horribly capitalistic to me. Exploiting the downtrodden license fee payer.

  6. MC–Tasty? If you killed cooked and ate her possibly but if you mean you think she is attractive/desirable ????????

    There are cigar store wooden Indians more attractive than her. If she had washed up on Robinson Crusoe’s Island he would have expended a musket ball to end her.

    This blog has always had low standards of female beauty but this plumbs new depths of horror.

  7. Available on Iplayer I’d imagine – it’s a story of a writer who is raped and subsequently has no memory of the night’s events, and how she takes revenge on her assailant. It’s the epitome of ‘woke’ drama. Borderline unwatchable -the fact it was so critically acclaimed was perhaps more a commentary on the critics, rather than the series. Coel wrote and starred in it.

  8. “The BBC paid too much. The correct amount to offer was £725,001.”

    No, since she obviously didn’t want to deal with those nasty cigar-chomping Capitalist robber barons at Netflix, the correct amount to offer was about £700,000. Then try to beat her down a bit.

    Don’t worry: she’ll have all those warm, fuzzy feels from not being exploited to make up for the loss.

  9. What’s the euphemism I’m looking for here? Uumm – ah, yes, striking. She has striking looks. Historically, to mean one step up from she’s got a lovely personality.

  10. High cheek bones, is what one notices of her. Other than that meh…

    Quick consumer test : do people consider Sian Philips to be beautiful ?

  11. Van_Patten,

    “Borderline unwatchable -the fact it was so critically acclaimed was perhaps more a commentary on the critics, rather than the series.”

    Most “critics” are woke, or afraid to challenge the current orthodoxy. You just have to look at their reaction to the female Ghostbusters movie. Many of them are more interested in the boxes ticked than whether a thing is any good. I have heard no-one mention this show anywhere, so it seems there’s almost no word of mouth about it out there.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Having looked at the story, I would have taken the cash up front. I doubt she’ll be making much on repeat fees, despite the critical acclaim.”

    My general rule nowadays is that watchsbility is inversely proportional to critical acclaim. On the rare occasion I sit down to watch a film or TV program (other than sport) I want to be entertained not lectured by the woke left.

  13. @ Tim:

    Uumm – ah, yes, striking.

    Striking in that you could attach her head to a haft and use her face to fell a tree?

  14. BAFTA award/nomination** + critical acclaim = wokefest = absolute guarantee any commercial success is nonexistent.

    ** Oscars and Emmy’s the same nowadays. You’re better off checking the Razzies to see if you’ve missed anything this year.

  15. Shurely exploitation is what happens when you are coerced into taking whatever shitet was on offer. As she very clearly did NOT take the shite deal, I am struggling to see precisely where the exploitation is.

    Or am I missing something?

  16. PG


    You’re missing that the most important thing in forming judgments is “the lived experience”

    It suited her to consider it exploitation, and so it was.

  17. I had the misfortune to watch this! Not only was she “raped” twice, her female best mate said, at an audition, the most exciting thing she could think of was having a threesome…

    AND the gay male best friend was also (actually) raped…I’m sure this happens all the time in the enriched environment

  18. No Sian Phillips is not a good-looking woman. Knock 50 years off and she was still marginal just on looks. But she could manage far more charm and femininity than the Coel creature ever could.

  19. Bloke in North Korea (Germany Province)

    When they open the gulag, which is gonna be Thursday week at this rate, everyone in this thread will be first on the guest list.

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