This seems entirely fair if we’re to be honest about it

A complaint:

The fragile Cerrado grasslands and the Pantanal wetlands, both under threat from soy and beef exploitation, have been excluded from a European Union draft anti-deforestation law, campaigners have said, and there are many other concerning loopholes.

The European Commission has pledged to introduce a law aimed at preventing beef, palm oil and other products linked to deforestation from being sold in the EU single market of 450 million consumers.

Given that the cerrado and the panatal are not forests there is little reason to have them included in laws about deforestation really.

6 thoughts on “This seems entirely fair if we’re to be honest about it”

  1. And why, on what moral ground, is the EU legislating in South America?
    Is white man not happy with way brown man is running brown man’s country?

    Isn’t that all so unfashionable nowadays?
    Perhaps not, if the EU thinks it has any right to interfere.

  2. No, no, no Tim.
    We want places like the Amazon to be pristine like what they were before whitey turned up and made everybody slaves.

    All that guff about the forest reclaiming ancient farmlands and cities is all just myths dontcha know.

  3. Well, TtC, I suppose the EU can legislate on anything they want regarding imports, but it’s interesting that they can’t get it right. A bill ‘aimed at’ certain things turns out to have been aimed badly. Colour me surprised.

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