Umm, what?

threats to the US constitution arriving via state abortion and election legislation

Just weird. Elections are – explicitly – something for the states to deal with under the US Constitution. Abortion is arguably so under the enumerated powers bit. That actually being what the argument currently is, is abortion a constitutional matter or a legal one – like it is here in Europe? You know, we pass a law, that’s what the law is? Democracy even?

7 thoughts on “Umm, what?”

  1. The Left will tell any lie to try and get its way.

    As if the commie scum give a shite about the US Constitution. Except when they think they might be able to use it to save their evil schemes.

  2. The US Constitution: simultaneously an outdated evil artifact of white supremacist capitalist terror against sacred brown bodies and an absolute and eternal guarantor of infinity abortions and the human rights of Democratic Party operatives to rig elections.

  3. I’m an admirer of the US Constitution; it’s SCOTUS who aren’t, on the whole. And Jefferson, and Lincoln, and Wilson, etc.

  4. It appears that the people complaining have some problems with the constitution, or at least the bill of rights. They don’t seem to want to comply with the first amendment, nor the second, fourth or tenth. As well as various bits of common law such as Habeus Corpus.

    Almost as if the Constitution was there to be used or ignored depending on whim and expediency.

  5. “election legislation”

    The Left’s hysteria over voter ID is based on the idea that black folks is too dumb to be able to get ID.

    Despite ID being already required for any number of things in the US from buying cigarettes to cars to alcohol, from renting hotel rooms to buying a plane ticket.

  6. Laws can’t threaten the constitution, that’s not how it functions, it’s the constitution that threatens laws. If you pass a law and the constitution says “NO!” the law is void, not the other way around. You can’t do something to the contitution and have a law say “NO!”, that’s the whole funadamental definitional definition of what a constitution is.

    But then, Americans lefty morons (but…) and their complete utter misunderstanding/contempt for how their cuntry works.

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