Weird keyboard error

Can’t quite work out how this happens.

So, using right shift key to try to get capitals, GHJK the L doesn’t work. Using left shift to get capitals the GHJKL does work. The l works, but not the capital L using right shift.

Have I done something absurd to keyboard settings? Or is it just one of those weirds?

Ah, solutoin! Truning it upsoide down and bangning it works!

Although it appears to cause spelling errors, that.

14 thoughts on “Weird keyboard error”

  1. Never heard of anything of that sort that wasn’t caused by a biscuit crumb or a slop of coffee. Turn the keyboard upside down and give it a shake.

  2. It’s one of the weirdies – like the fact that ‘weird’ doesn’t follow the truncated i-before-e rule.

    What will be happening is that when you press the right shift key the keyboard will be flexing ever so ever so slightly and causing part of the keyboard matrix to flex so the L key doesn’t connect.

    Is it a proper (ie mechanical) keyboard? I’d recommend tipping it upside down and giving it several sharp taps to clean any crud out, then right way up firmly “hammer” on each key to “clean” the action.

    If it’s a membrane keyboard, or, Glod help you, a flattop no-movement Jobby thing, you’ll probably need extra help.

  3. If you are lucky, it’s just some dirt, but if unlucky, you have a failed PCB trace, which flexing the keyboard by puushing SHIFT key may sometimes correct: new keyboard required.
    I had a laptop where the 3 and 4 keys stopped working. For a while, I used a desktop file called 34.txt, and used ctrl-c/ctrl-v as required – very tedious – until a new USB keyboard arrived.
    I did eventually change the laptop keyboard, as a separate USB KB was so clumsy.

    But my money is on a failed KB so replacement needed.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I recently took off every key and gave it all a good clean, using the vacuum cleaner FTE get the crud out, and then reassembled and everything worked much better.

    I then resolved, again, to stop eating at my computer. Sadly that resolution didn’t last long.

  5. As everybody else here has said this sounds like a hardware problem. It might well be on its way out and worth buying a replacement for when the time comes.

    @jgh I suspect you don’t know the full rule: “I before E except after C and before GN and weird is weird”

  6. Anybody know how to download Odysee and Rumble videos? I am member of both and I tried Videograbber program via Internet search but just says “no trace of video at that location”. Anybody got any ideas?

  7. @Mr Ecks
    Have you tried JDownloader?
    I’ve no experience with the two sites you mention, but JDownloader seems very capable on many sites, including YT: you copy the URL with ctrl-C and the program then parses the HTML and offers up what it finds for you to select/delete then download.

  8. I have, on occasion, inverted and tapped my keyboard, to be rewarded with enough little bits of dope to roll a spliff. ( Had you asked me, I would have said that I never roll a spliff directly over the keyboard!).

  9. Since others have asked, I’ll whinge about my mouse.

    For some reason, sometimes the light goes out in my mouse, and the cursor will no longer move. One may shake it, spin the little wheel on top of it, push forward the little bit of plastic covering the light on the bottom, or pull the plug out of the computer and push it back in. The last approach seems to work all the time. Swearing, screaming and cursing are optional.

    As you can see from the last paragraph, my degree of knowledge of how the thing works is about at the level of ‘It’s magic you dope.’

    Since I transferred the mouse over from my last computer, where it had no trouble, I suspect the computer.

    Would anyone have more of a clue than me?

  10. The mouse itself might be dying, which is the most likely possibility. Caused by a broken circuit board or also a broken wire. I’ve had both happen. The latter can be fixed, the former not worth the effort. In fact muce are so cheap that the former isn’t worth the effort either.

    Try another port in the PC or even buy a little USB hub, but get one with power, that will keep 5v going to the little critter.

    Does the usb port on the PC support a memory chip or another device without going wonky ?

  11. Thanks Otto. I’ve switched my mouse to the port previously used by my printer.

    I’ll see if one or both now stuff up!!!

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