Well, yes Joe

Biden’s translation device fails during UN Quad meeting: ‘I can’t get this to function at all’

Brains are difficult things as we all know…..

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  1. Trump was exceedingly lucky in the awfulness of his two Dem opponents for President. But in the second contest he was purportedly beaten by a corrupt, senile twat who hid in a basement. I suspect foul play.

  2. This Time article should have got far more traction that it did – it explains exactly how the steal was done.


    “Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. “

  3. Dennis, Dispensing Wisdom. Or Something.

    I suspect foul play.

    Don’t. In our collective wisdom, we septics selected a man who does bad things in a nice manner over a man who does nice things in a bad manner. Is was a triumph of form over substance, and ‘Merica is getting what it wanted, and getting it good and hard.

    You had to go through Carter to get to Reagan. We are now going through Biden, and it is the necessary price to get to either Trump, or the Trump Generation of Republicans.

  4. My favorite was when one of Biden’s staffers passed him a note that said, “Sir, there is something on your chin.”

    Luckily, he won’t have a pandemic to exploit next time. Will make it much more difficult to control the media and censor the opposition.

  5. I found it surprising that the previously supine WH press corps has moved from cooing like a bunch of lovestruck teenagers at his choice of ice cream to actually protesting when staffers prevented any questions being asked at this weeks “press conferences” with Boris and Modi.

  6. Dennis, He Who Knows The Difference Between A Machine Gun And A Semi-Automatic Rifle

    Dennis – yes, you should definitely just vote harder next time lol

    More often, too.

    Though at my age harder and more often grow ever more improbable with each passing day.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    We need to talk about Joe Biden

    The most shameful portion of the sit-down, however, came when the leaders began to interact with the press in the room. Biden derisively replied ‘good luck’ when Johnson suggested the pair take questions from the pool reporters then refused to call on any members of the American media.

    Once Johnson had taken questions from the British press, Biden’s wranglers cut the British PM off mid-sentence, yelling at the media to leave the room. Biden eventually appeared prepared to respond to a question about the border from CBS’s Ed O’Keefe, but the wranglers continued to shout so that reporters could not hear the President’s answer.

    It is bad enough that lower-level communications staffers prevented their boss from speaking to the media, but it is a pure disgrace that they also thought it appropriate to interrupt a visiting world leader. Can you imagine the international incident that would have erupted if British officials refused to let the President speak freely to the press while abroad?

    I have been in the Oval Office as a member of the press pool. During the Trump administration, I saw wranglers corral reporters rather aggressively. But they have always backed off when a world leader has indicated that they want to take further questions from the press.

    I wonder how long it will be before the Dem leadership feel they can use the 25th without it looking like the stitch-up they obviously intended?

  8. The self-inflicted problem for the donkeys is simple.

    On the one hand, Biden is a disaster and all but the diehard progs now realise it. A recent poll has him losing a hypothetical rematch by ten points.

    On the other hand, Harris is worse – she only polls better than the boss when she’s invisible and inaudible. That same poll has her losing by thirteen.

    On the gripping hand, Harris can’t be displaced by someone better – first woman of colour etc etc. Live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

  9. Dennis, Waxing Poetic

    Problem is, Dennis, in the interim you guys have to go through Biden to get to Harris.

    There could be no Reagan without Carter.

    Biden is wholly necessary. He is Washington, and his administration is filled with so-called elites. Ivy League, Big Business, Mainstream Media or Federal Government backgrounds, etc., etc., etc.

    The bankruptcy of our political class is now so far advanced that there is no longer any way to disguise (or spin) it. Biden and his administration is making that obvious even to those who very much wish to believe otherwise. That is the value of Joe Biden. And Kamala Harris, for that matter.

    Will Trump run in 2024? Most likely. Will he win? By a landslide. Why? Because the Emperor has no clothes.

  10. Dennis, Whose Predictions Sometimes Actually Come To Pass

    I wonder how long it will be before the Dem leadership feel they can use the 25th without it looking like the stitch-up they obviously intended?

    Democrats using the 25th is a pipe dream. Using opens up a can of worms they can’t manage.

    If Democrats lose both the House and the Senate next year, both of which seems to be trending towards certainty, you will see open civil war between what’s left of the moderates and the progressive wing. Pelosi, and probably Schumer, will be replaced with God Knows Who. If the progressives take on leadership positions, you’ll start seeing moderate Democrats begin to defect… either joining the Republican Party or simply becoming Independents.

    Against that backdrop, you cannot admit to the nation that your candidate cannot function and must be replaced.

  11. To a mathematician, the declaration that Chuck Schumer, with 48 Democrat senators was the “Senate Majority Leader” was proof of USAian intellectual bankruptcy.

    OTOH, I do not believe that Biden did, or needed to, steal the election – he is not Hillary Clinton and an overall majority (IIRC about 60%) of those voting for Trump in 2016 when asked for the top reason(s) for doing so said “He’s not Hillary Clinton.” All the Republicans need to do is find a candidate with some *positive* reasons to vote for him or her.

  12. Democrats using the 25th is a pipe dream.

    Biden’s condition may give them no choice. There is a limit to what wobbly pile of sludge they can prop up.

  13. @ Dennis, or anyone else who may know
    Why is there no outcry about the significant worsening on covid-19 deaths under Biden’s rule? The USA deaths per million are not only outpacing those of the blond clown (the cumulative figure has risen from a bit higher to now over 10% higher) but have overtaken those for Mexico!
    Can’t Fox News do sums?

  14. @Nathaniel Goggin
    In reality, the Moties would have made mincemeat of humanity.

    “That warrior did not address me using the correct pronoun! And where’s the lower half of my body? argh…

  15. Biden’s condition
    I wonder if he has to have a permanent catheter inserted and a pee bag down his trouser leg to avoid embarrassing public incidents?

  16. Dennis, is this relevant:
    “The Democrats need Biden to last till Jan 20, 2023 at 12:01 PM. This will complete 2 years as president. It has to be this long for Kamala to run for re-election in 2028, if she should win in 2024. According to the 25th Amendment, someone may be president for a maximum of 10 years. If she takes over before Jan 20, 2023 at 12:01 PM she will be able to run in 2024, but not in 2028, because that additional 4 years would be longer than the 10 maximum – 4 for 2024 if she wins plus 2+ (a smidgeon) if she takes over before Jan 20, 2023 at 12:01 PM makes 6+ (a smidgeon)”.

  17. Dennis: ” There could be no Reagan without Carter.”

    But that gives the Dems four more years to bring in new voters and to entrench themselves even more deeply in the Deep State. They’ll make absolutely sure that there can never be a repeat of Trump 2016.

  18. I’m not convinced about the ‘stolen election’. If the Dems are clever and sneaky enough to have managed it, how come they now can’t do anything right?

    IMV Trump was done for because:
    His laidback reaction to BLM/Antifa – he should have supported law and order, rather than sat back and blamed the Dems
    Rather than countering the Dems plans as outlined in that Time article, the ‘smart people’ in the Republicans were slagging off Trump and voting Democrat
    People not prepared to vote Shillary would accept Creepy Joe

    Not sure a term of Dems will do the US any good in the long run, as per Jonathan’s point above, but fingers crossed Denis is correct.

  19. I’m not convinced about the ‘stolen election’. If the Dems are clever and sneaky enough to have managed it, how come they now can’t do anything right?

    Really depends what you mean by “right”. There seems to be plenty of gravy sloshing round for the well-connected; China is being appeased, and lip-service is being paid to the progressive shibboleths. The journos are just too stupid to realise that they’re the useful idiots thus don’t need buying off seeing as in a rematch they would do exactly the same as last time, ‘cos Orange Man (or any other non-swamp candidate) Bad.

    Yes, they’re naffing up the country, but their funders are somewhere between ambivalent toward that and actively in favour of it.

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