Well, yes, obviously

State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say:

No bureaucracy is going to allow people outside the bureaucracy to successfully achieve what the bureaucracy either cannot or has decided not to do. To allow would have people thinking why do we bother to have the bureaucracy?

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  1. Talk to the other planes/traffic control to ensure safety and then take off anyway. As I keep saying the time to ignore the scum of the Earth is here.

  2. Presumably if the private rescues go a bit Pete Tong the bureaucracy will be called on to try to sort it out and another thing the bureaucracy hates worse than sorting out its own mess is sorting out someone else’s.

  3. On a related issue, as mentioned on one of the conservative sites in the US, why is there no coverage of rescued USians getting off the plane on landing in the US? You’d think it would be a no-brainer for any local TV news to film rescuees kissing the tarmac, hugging their kids and all that. No footage of Brits either, come to that. It looks like an international clampdown. Why?

  4. Rhoda,
    The Daily Mail has coverage of elderly Afghani men – sorry, Afghan-American – and their child brides arriving in Wisconsin.

    On the original point, why do they need to fly to a US military base? Can’t they just fly the US citizens to any half-civilised third country and transit (without even leaving the airport) to a scheduled flight to America?

  5. “why is there no coverage of rescued USians getting off the plane on landing in the US?” They’re worried that Biden would have to go to greet them and would spend the time looking at his watch.

    Maybe half true that; they don’t want to associate the Prez with failure. Ha, ha, ha.

  6. This will at least spare the Yanks a further increase in its Afghan population. Christ knows how many worthless violent peasants from the world’s rapiest toilets are heading to Europe as we speak, with a mysterious lack of papers and a sob story about the Taliban, which can’t be told in Pashto….

  7. Not how it works, Ecksy. Traffic control will be telling the flights they can’t take off. Won’t be allocating a slot. You take off from an airport in defiance of traffic control & you’d never fly a commercial flight anywhere in the world again. Wouldn’t even count on retaining a PPL.

  8. I wonder who is Kabul traffic control at the moment? I presume residual Yanks. In which case the flight gets them out may be an interesting one when the ragheads takeover. I think that’ll be the one to ignore traffic control, put the throttles full forward & hope.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    According a Twitter thread that went through my timeline this morning Qatar heavily involved:

    “#Qatar repaired #Kabul airport tower control and #Afghans cleaned the domestic departure where the first two flights to Harat and Mazar-i-Sherif are scheduled for today.

    International flights are expected to resume before the end of next week. #Afghanistan clean the dust of war.

    The #US destroyed #Kabul airport and then begged #Qatar to repair it to evacuate +100 #US citizens and 100s of Afghans collaborators.

    So why destroying the airport and spoiling the runway?

    We don’t need to understand because there is nothing to explain.


    The White House: “We hope #Kabul airport becomes operational very soon”…..


  10. …why is there no coverage of rescued USians getting off the plane on landing in the US?

    Because none of them are actual Americans, they’re ‘Americans’, imported by the Establishment to vote Democrat.

  11. @BiND
    I’d take “US destroyed kabul airport with about 250kg of salt. I wouldn’t believe anything coming out of the media unless I was looking at it.

  12. Off topic but I see we’ve fired up a coal power station as amazingly the wind isn’t blowing as it promised it always would.

  13. ‘State Dept blocking private rescue flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers say:’

    In other words, entry of illegal immigrants into the US is forbidden.

  14. Two U.S. congressmen, both veterans, traveled to Kabul to see the situation for themselves. Everyone from the Pentagon to Nancy Pelosi scolded them in the press. Not one person outside of the government felt that way.

    The same thing happened when republicans traveled to the southern U.S. border to show the public the immigration crisis, since the Border Patrol had already been gagged by the Biden administration.

    This isn’t even a conspiracy anymore. They simply think they can keep the truth from getting out. Anything to win elections, right?

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