Well, yes, there’s black and there’s black

Story of forgotten black Medici ruler is told in new short film
Daphne Di Cinto’s period drama Il Moro focuses on the son of a servant who became the Duke of Florence

Il Moro” rather gives the game away there. Medieval Europeans were well aware of the difference between North and sub-Saharan Africa as a source of people and genetics. They were still pretty hazy on much of the geography of course, but that racial difference was well known. To the extent that one group were called Moors, the other Aethiopes and the like. Not that Aethiopes are in fact racially to be grouped with sub-Saharans etc but still.

Today “black” means those sub-Saharans.

Now, it is possible that the servant mother of this illegitimate child – who then inherited – was an Aethiope but that’s certainly not the way to bet. But then that wouldn’t suit the story being told here, would it?

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  1. Di Cinto says its goal is to spotlight the vast spectrum of black ancestry and restore a positive and inspiring perception of black identity.

    They’re so desperate to extract any tiny crumb of a positive history for black people that they have to lie and pretend pretend that an Italian/ Arab/ Berber man was black. Pathetic.

  2. What with sub-saharan Africans having invented almost everything and ruled Florence, their current failure to thrive in, never mind create, a modern civilisation is most curious.

  3. A Moor might have a bit of negro DNA. Much like the Afrikaners, for instance. Though it may be that theirs is more likely to be from Hottentots or Bushmen rather than Bantus.

  4. Ludovico Sforza was NOT black even by the fantasy definitions employed by today’s left. A tiny touch of the tarbrush somewhere maybe but that is it.

    Time that POS the Gladrag closed for good.

  5. “Medieval Europeans” There you go. Something didn’t exist at the time. It’s Mediterranians & Northern Europeans. The cultures on the northern shores of the Mediterranean were closer to the cultures on the southern shores than they were to northerners. Because they’re much the same genetic mix. So for the purpose of the discussion, you can regard them as one people.

  6. The article uses the term “Afropeans”.

    Never heard the term before. But I can instantly see what it is designed to do.

  7. What with sub-saharan Africans having invented almost everything and ruled Florence, their current failure to thrive in, never mind create, a modern civilisation is most curious.

    They did invent everything, earlier and more marvellously, but the Wakandans kept it all to themselves.
    They must have had the teensiest drop of white.

  8. The cultural divide between northern and southern Europeans that BiS mentions is still very much there, as anybody who has worked in both ‘Latin’ and ‘Germanic’ nations can testify. People (always Remainiacs) who claim they feel “European rather than British” baffle me. What do Finns and Greeks have in common (other than a time zone)? Any characteristics shared by all Europeans must be so nebulous that they will also be shared by many other areas of the world.

  9. Judging from the extant actual portraits ( not the badly photoshopped ones on Pinterest…), part of him had clearly sub-saharan roots. Amongst others… Part of his features are clearly Berber/Moroccan.

    His mother is always mentioned as “Moorish” , which at the time meant the remnants of the Moorish Empire. Again a clear indication of his maternal roots.. That’s the Moroccan/Algerian/Tunesian “coastal” area.
    Y’know… The bit with the pirates, slave trade routes, and stuff.. And a continuous pissing match with southern Europe over who was Boss in the mediterranean..
    There’s not too much known about her, but it’s an even bet she or her mother were Liberated Goods from one of the many campaigns against the Evil Rag’eads of the time.

    Why the father picked her as a Mistress.. Ummm… Besides the Exotic bit… Mixed-blood ladies can be absolute stunners. In fact there’s a slew of very famous actresses and singers who are/were definitely only so because of their acting/singing qualities..
    Wasn’t that rare either. Of course, the thing that got talked about were the moorish studs “at guard” around the boudoirs..
    Dem Italians, eh?

    But as “Black”? What was that lovely US term again? Only if it fits the narrative.

  10. No Grikath, it is based on a misunderstanding. His mother was in fact “moreish” and his dad couldn’t get enough….

    Oh don’t bother, I know where my coat is.

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