Well, yes, this is true

As companies around the country call their employees back to workplaces this month – some for the first time since March 2020 – family charities warn that increasing numbers, especially mothers and pregnant women, are being made to do so against their will.

Jane van Zyl, chief executive of the charity Working Families, reports growing numbers of calls to its advice line, mostly from women “who don’t want or aren’t able to return to the office as much as their employer is demanding”.

This is rather the point about work. It’s shitty, we don’t want to do it. Which is why they have to pay us in order to get us to do it.

The idea that work might contain bits we don’t want to do is the very reason for that pay existing.

6 thoughts on “Well, yes, this is true”

  1. Perhaps the ladies should consider leaving it to their husbands. They can mind the children and act as proper little housewives.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    The implication is presumably that the ladies are suffering from vaxxine skepticism. I.e. they don’t believe their own vaxxine works unless everyone has the vaxxine.

    Shamefully, US pharma clients, who really ought to have a better sense of medical ethics, know that the vaxxines are not indicated to protect others, that the manufacturers do not claim to protect anyone other than those vaxxinated, and that data (Israel) are now pretty robust that vaxxine effect on transmission of delta at least is low, are now starting to mandate vaxxine shots for staff. This is to cure Karen’s coviphrenia and for your protection and safety.

    I wonder, will they be mandating the second booster in a year’s time?

  3. Ah, the old “I want a career, and children, and my old bachelor life!! What do you mean they’re mutually exclusive?!!!”

  4. “the point about work … we don’t want to do it”.

    I can remember a university astronomer telling me he loved his subject so much he’d do the job free.
    ‘What does your wife do?’ ‘She’s a doctor’.

    Ah well, it later transpired that their children went to a private school so he’d have needed the salary anyway. But that aside, he meant it. His job was like an utterly absorbing hobby. Finding such a job is, I suspect, a pretty good recipe for a happy life. Subject to the usual caveats about also finding a good woman, and so forth.

  5. family charities warn that increasing numbers, especially mothers and pregnant women, are being made to do so against their will.

    So the Office Taliban are going door to door forcing women back into the workforce?

  6. Dearieme. Of course if the astronomy hadn’t paid he might have wanted to do it for free. But he’d have had to get other work to pay the bills.

    That’s pretty much all of us.

    When I no longer want to work and retire I won’t do nothing.

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