Well, you never know really, do you?

Know who is using a euphemism:

Mr Brettler has represented a string of celebrities facing sexual assault charges, including actor Armie Hammer, who is accused of rape and of expressing cannibalistic fantasies in messages to women.

“Eat me” and “Eat you” can indeed refer to cannibalism. So too terms of endearment – “I’m gonna eat you up” – and also to fairly common sexual practices – “I’m gonna eat you out” in Americanism – and blessed as we are by zero knowledge of what was said or how it was said we don’t know which of these was used.

Well, except that these are allegations in a screechy lawsuit so we’d rather assume that one of the less terrible versions is being read as one of the more terrible of course.

3 thoughts on “Well, you never know really, do you?”

  1. In my mind’s eye I can see Sarah fellating Andrew. Part of her charm; probably passed on some tips to her daughters. Andrew performing cunnilingus is harder to picture. Do princes go down?

  2. As I understand it we’re not talking about a light spot of oral sex between friends here but literal cannibalism fantasies

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