We’re saved men, we’re saved!

Should’a known this:

‘White feminists’ are under attack from other women. There can only be one winner – men
Sonia Sodha

Undermining female solidarity serves only to strengthen the grip of the patriarchy

Leave the birds to get on with it and they’ll fight like cats in a sack thereby saving the patriarchy.

This should be obvious of course. Competition in society isn’t between men and women. It’s between men for access to the fertility of women, between women for access to the status and resources of men.

Competition is intra-gender, not inter-gender.

16 thoughts on “We’re saved men, we’re saved!”

  1. ’ This is part of a broader trend on the left towards fracture, where attacking people with whom you share quite a bit in common is now seen as a laudable displacement activity..’

    Hasn’t this always been a facet of the left, and not ‘a trend’ ..?

  2. …exclusionary movement dominated by selfish white women who care little about scrutinising the male violence perpetrated by white men.

    Wait ’til she sees those FBI Crime Stats for the US, or hears about Muslim Rape Gangs in England….

  3. @JuliaM: How else does one explain the failure of one’s obviously righteous socialist movement? It must have been traitors in the ranks.

  4. Jon – apparently they had big problems with French anarchists crashing the festival and destroying the fences. They had to let everyone in for free because there were 600,000 of them and it’d have turned into a riot otherwise.

    Kris Kristofferson got booed off stage in his first set and gave half a million people the finger.

  5. The war on women continues: The Lancet is in hot water for referring to women as “bodies with vaginas”. It’s always fun when the enlightened progressives trip over their own inclusive-speak.

    The best thing I learned from the story is that London has a Museum Of The Vagina though sadly it’s probably full of seedy blokes in macs.

  6. If you accept Thomas Sowell’s distinction between the Constrained Vision and the Unconstrained Vision, then it is not hard to grasp the principle describing this dynamic. It is summed up by the rhetorical question: “Who exactly walks out of a conservative party in order to found a better conservative party?”. Even in the cases where conservative parties (in the sense of parties institutionalizing adherence to the Constrained Vision) commit suicide or collapse (US Federalists 1815, Canadian Progressive Conservatives 1993) most of the constituents reassemble after, at most, a couple of election cycles with a continuity closer to that of a sponge passed through a sieve, than that of the ant colony in Douglas Hofstadter’s Prelude… Ant Fugue.

  7. Cindy runs a country. Greta talks tough, but that’s because she doesn’t have to run shit.

    There’s only one real winner. The real world.

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