What amuses me so much about the TJN catfight

I think I need add very little. I would much rather none of these issues had needed to be drawn to public attention, but eventually John and I, for differing but related reasons, felt we had no choice but to disassociate with TJN because we now consider it is doing more harm than good when it comes to tax justice-related issues. The colleague who reviewed the comments made by Alex Cobham to The Times agreed. But what their analysis suggests is that this is not an issue that can be laid at the door of what that commentator calls the ‘founding group’ (otherwise called John Christensen and me) and can instead, on the basis of Alex Cobham’s own analysis provided to The Times and on its blog be laid firmly at his door, rather as John and I have suggested.

The bit they’re missing is that every organisation not subject to market forces does turn to shit. The market forces having the glorious result that when it does turn to shit then it goes bust and is cleared from the environment. This is the grand glory of the system.

You know, the system the P³ thinks shouldn’t have such prominence despite his own personal experience.

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  1. It’s funny. He’s rather pathetically got one of his mates (an unnamed ‘academic’) to rebut the claims being made by TJN.

  2. “I think I need add very little.” If only he hewed to this line more widely. But he’s insane, you see. Bonkers, the poor bugger. And we all shower abuse at him, like some denizen of Bedlam, while he wallows in his own ordure.

  3. It’s one of the most hilarious posts I have yet seen. As though the entire list of back entries in the TRUK blog aren’t filled with ad hominem attacks on people (GERS, The Oxford Centre for Business Taxation, Maya Forstater, Christie Malry and indeed Tim himself to name a few) which are entirely unsubstantiated by him. However, he gets put out of joint and as Andrew C says, pathetically gets a fellow, equally craven academic (anonymously) to rebut Cobham’s claims. Indeed I’d be quite happy to say that Cobham’s allegations look spot on the money as they are applied to both him and Christensen. Their bullying, hectoring manner is well attested to by previous publications and posts. Hopefully one further nail in the coffin of his credibility.

  4. From MR – a tea grower who advised on the “organic transition” in Sri Lanka:

    The ban has drawn the tea industry into complete disarray… If we go completely organic, we will lose 50 per cent of the crop, (but) we are not going to get 50 per cent higher prices…

    Nice that they picked an innumerate advisor: to compensate for a 50% drop in production requires a 100% increase in prices…

  5. Theophrastus (2066)

    This comment on the piece in The Times is delicious:

    David Giles
    3H AGO

    For those that have had dealings with these individuals it is no surprise that the founders’ behaviour has “gone beyond” what is normal. Richard Murphy’s behaviour is quite notorious, as evidenced by the bile pouring from his blog. I myself have experienced this. ‘Caveat Emptor’ should be tattooed on his forehead as a warning to anyone thinking of entering into collaboration with The Sage of Ely.

  6. David Giles
    3H AGO

    ??? did this fella write a letter in the Times about Murphy? Can someone provide a link?


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