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What fun!

So, the Bishop leaves his job for the erotic novelist. But that’s not the fun part:

His fundamentalist stances included defending gay conversion therapy and he once questioned whether “confusion about sexual orientation” could be linked to the absence of a father figure in the family. He also described abortion and euthanasia as “genocide”.

ultraconservative views

How the world has changed, eh? For such views to be described as ultraconservative, fundamentalist, among Catholic bishops?

8 thoughts on “What fun!”

  1. Describing views as such is a tactic designed to ridicule and marginalise them.

    It’s the obverse of talking about shemales, fisting, and scarfing as if they are completely normal and common.

  2. ‘He also described abortion and euthanasia as “genocide”.’

    Only if they were done on racial grounds, Bish.

    “he once questioned whether “confusion about sexual orientation” could be linked to the absence of a father figure in the family”: that seems to be a reasonable conjecture though I’ve no idea whether it holds water. Was there an upturn of such confusion among the children of war widows?

  3. “gay conversion therapy” is a dishonest turn of phrase aimed at conjuring images of helpless homosexuals strapped to a chair and being electrified by evil doctor-inquisitors (and I’m sure Clive Barker has published erotic horror along those lines).

    But in reality it now means grown men having a chat, and possibly a bit of an old pray, with someone else about their unwanted sexual urges. Probably not a good idea to ask your average Catholic priest to help with this kind of thing, but we’re not living in North Korea just yet so there you go.

    This is completely unconscionable because anonymous bumsex with hordes of strange men you’ve just met in the park is the second closest thing to secular sainthood apart from being Black.

    The Traniban have also gotten in on the act, so anything that tries to treat their underlying mental health problems or even get them to consider if they are “really” trans instead of immediately lopping off dicks and throwing out hormone pills like confetti is “gay conversion therapy”.

    It’s obviously still ok for people to seek out hypnosis, crystal healing and Alcoholics Anonymous if they have nonpolitical inclinations they want help with. But it’s one of those weird artifacts of Clown World that – just as “pro choice” activists are only ever in favour of the choice to have an abortion – people who insist there’s a beautiful and complicated sexual spectrum also declare that anybody who ever thought about bumming another bloke* is, and always will be, “gay” and any attempt on his part to change is a Hate Crime.

    *Or so I understand

  4. I’m glad the Roman Catholic Church has given up murdering heretics, at least for the time being. If the price to be paid is a bit of derision directed at their clergy, so be it. It’s probably God’s will. And anyway, is this chap any more absurd than the present Infallible One?

  5. “confusion about sexual orientation” could be linked to the absence of a father figure in the family.

    A “celibate” left-footer functionary – every family needs one.

  6. The Times is, and always has been the Establishment paper, so you can get a pretty good idea of how the elite despise you by reading it.

  7. Not a Catholic.

    But don’t need to be one to see the obvious.

    Present commie Pope needs to be defrocked, excommunicated, beaten and thrown down the steps of St Peter Grima Wormtongue style.

    This Bishop seemed to have managed what Father Ted was trying to do in the episode with Gemma Craven.

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