What’s New, Pussycat?

“Pro-European” centrists such as Macron increasingly think of international politics in terms of a Huntingtonian “clash of civilisations” – but whereas Samuel Huntington saw the west as one civilisation that would find itself in conflict with China and Islam in the post-cold war period, they see Europe as a civilisation that is distinct from, and which must also assert itself against, the United States.

This has always been true. Vied such nonsenses as Quaero, a European rival to Google, because there must be a European rival, see?

Cultural stupidity.

When Macron became French president in 2017, he spoke of a Europe qui protège – “that protects”. This was initially, above all, about protecting citizens from the market;

Given that it’s the market that makes the citizenry rich why in buggery would you want to do that?

Economic stupidity piled upon top.

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  1. Since I’m a paranoid Islamophobic xenophobe, I naturally feel some sympathy for the sentiments supposedly expressed by Barnier etc. Certainly Charlemagne’s policy of slicing off the foreigner’s heads sounds good to me.

    But what I’m really worried about is the foreigners taking MY money, and making ME poorer. While I’ve no objection to giving the boot to the foul foreign fiends, I certainly don’t agree to something that means I can’t buy what I want from Albania or Afghanistan.

    So I’d have to agree with you Tim. Dumping the market where I can buy what I want is a lousy idea.

  2. The US was a creation of the hated Anglo-Saxons so of course it must be opposed! How long will it be, though, before opposing a no-longer White America is seen as racist?

  3. The French owned a lot of North America once – see Louisiana with its Roman law influence, and various place names all the way up the Mississippi/Missouri river system. Perhaps they are royally pissed off that Napoleon sold it all to the US.

  4. Fortress Europe has a long and unpleasant lineage.

    Kaiser Wilhelm II called for a European economic union — which could become a “United States of Europe against America.”

    The Nazis spoke of a “European family of nations,” or a “European community,” which would experience “rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic barriers are removed.” The term Großraumwirtschaft (large economic area) became a common theme of Nazi propaganda.

    In 1936, Hitler told the Reichstag, “The European people represent a family in this world. … It is not very intelligent to imagine that in such a cramped house like that of Europe, a community of people can maintain different legal systems and different concepts of law for very long.”

    In the summer of 1940, top Nazi Hermann Göring began assembling plans for the “large-scale economic unification of Europe.” The Nazi official steering these plans ,Walther Funk,developed Göring’s plan, calling it the “European Economic Community” and outlining its characteristics in a series of papers in 1941.

    The Nazis also called for a “European currency system” that would operate with fixed exchange rates among certain currencies — until a single currency could be gradually introduced. This is exactly what has happened in the EU.

    In 1942, Nazi ministers and leading industrialists attended a conference titled “The European Economic Community.” The same year the German Foreign Ministry created a “Europe committee.” By the next year, they had drafted formal plans for a European confederation.

    After the war, Reich Credit Co. head Dr. Bernhard Benning, who spoke at the 1942 Nazi conference on the “European Currency Question,” went on to become a senior figure in the Bundesbank.

    And today we have the Fourth Reich.

  5. The very idea of the market is anathema to the traditionalists of French culture and government.

    What’s even worse is that successful market players all appear to be foreign and even worse often Anglo Saxon.

    So attacks on such entities is the obvious thing to maintain France’s status as a failing nation, and obvs. it’ll be presented as protecting the citoyen from the evil running dog capitalist foreigner.

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