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  1. It is difficult to tell these days. Some of the examples in the Stupid Police are probably genuine jokes that many Americans won’t get because they think too literally.
    There was a case a few years ago where an American admiral said that Guam was going to tip over because too many people lived on one half of the island. He was monstered for ages by people who thpught that this was a serious comment.

  2. “an American admiral said …”: the chap who said it in Congress was a Dem Congressman. There’s every reason to suppose he was serious. (Maybe he’d heard your story about the admiral and failed to see the joke.)

  3. @ Ottokring
    No, that was not an admiral. It was one of our BAME Democrat Representatives. Of which we have many at least as dense or worse

  4. When you grow up, interested, with parents who know stuff, and you get to know & understand lots of stuff because you are interested, it’s very hard to get into the mindset of people (the majority?) who aren’t like that. But Longrider did pull one out from way down the left tail of the distribution!

  5. The link takes you to Bored Panda.

    BP used to be cute, often uplifting and always entertaining. Over the past 6 months the content and a whole lot of the comments have become bog-standard woke.

  6. I find BP to be quite a broad church really. There was a thread about Nirvana getting sued by the baby on their album cover and the Pandas were pretty scathing. The post about idiocy is quite an old one. There was an even earlier one featuring questions that people ask on the internet. The stupidity on that one was even more intense but I can’t remember enough to search for it now.

  7. I once had an American boss who didn’t get any of my jokes ( probably because most were ripped off of The Goon Show). He was particularly concerned when I told him that I couldn’t go back to the USA, because I was wanted in five states and they still had the death penalty in three of them.

  8. “When you grow up, interested, with parents who know stuff…”

    My parents only had the most rudimentary education but they always valued the pursuit of knowledge and the value of education. My schooling was mediocre, being bog standard seventies comprehensive. I never stopped learning and now like to think of myself as a bit of a polymath. I find it sad that people now have knowledge literally at their fingertips and yet remain so ignorant.

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