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As the boss of Heathrow, the job of John Holland-Kaye is essentially to act as chief lobbyist for the airport’s mega-rich overseas owners, campaigning relentlessly for better commercial terms that will boost their returns.

That’s in the business pages of the Torygraph. Can;t be long before they’re shouting about the international cosmopolitans and the Jooos.

The bloke running a business is supposed to work for the shareholders or not?

5 thoughts on “Amazingly”

  1. Helps but not a guarantee of success. Hahn Airport, Frankfurt’s “other” airport has just gone bust after being bought by some Chinese bunch, HNA, who went under at the beginning of the year, unable to service their debts. Interestingly the management of HNA were all arrested a few weeks ago.

  2. Heathrow tried to double their landing fees. The airlines told them to fuck off. BA may be OK because they hold slots at Gatwick (a useful fall back if dealing with LHR gets nasty) but lots of carriers don’t have that insurance. So LHR will come back with some more offers that can’t be refused. When a good proportion of an airline’s value is in the landing slots the guy who lets you land (or not) has you by the balls.

  3. Teesside airport, which used to be RAF Middleton St George, has a runway capable of coping with the largest aircraft in the world, and the management is always keen to improve their customer base. As Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, and Darlington, are just down the road, what’s not to like? Just a thought if LHR keep being nasty.

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