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So, folks talking about sex and gender. Man, woman, etc. One folk turns up – and this is a trans folk – saying that we’ve got different names for males of animals, like stallion and gelding. At which point I agree but that’s possibly not the right words to be using, orchidectomy and all that. Or, it’s a damn good joke of course.

Folk gets all huffy and asks what the hell I’m saying?

Turns out folk doesn’t know the meaning of gelding. Thinks it’s just another name for male horse, doesn’t know about the operation that makes it so.

Which is a good joke, isn’t it? The trans insisting that gelding is a useful word but that it can’t be used to refer to gelding?

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  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Actually, the invention of a different and new word to describe something that is a relatively newly invented category of person would solve a few problems wouldn’t it? Maybe not all of them, but quite a lot.

    I’m sure the assembly here can provide some creative suggestions:

  2. We could import the term “hijra” from the Indian subcontinent which has centuries, if not millennia, of use behind it, but undoubtedly someone would start screaming about cultural appropriation.

  3. I agree with Ljh. New words are usually awkward and terrible, old words feel like a mouthful of warm brandy on a cold night.

    Gynanthrope, autocastrati or develsik are perfectly cromulent words.

  4. Nah, Steve, the word should include the prefix “neo” which is so popular for suggesting dirty work or conspiracy.

    Neoconservative, neoliberal, neoNazi … so neocastrato? Depending how far the surgery has gone, neotwat?

  5. DM (crumbs!) – “neovagina” is already a thing.

    For the sake of your immortal soul and mortal retinas, please don’t Google image search it. Our Bloke in Germany mentioned he knows some chirurgeons who swear blind that they can taxidermy a man’s willy into looking indistinguishable from a lady’s poonani, but they’re either crazy liars or have never seen a living woman.

  6. I don’t care what they’re called. I just want them to wear a yellow star if they are not safe to follow my daughter into a toilet.

  7. “For the sake of your immortal soul and mortal retinas, please don’t Google image search it.”

    I should have taken your advice Steve. Put me in mind of skinning & gutting rabbits. Blood ‘n wobbly bits.

  8. Re the distinction between those “with” and those “without”… I thought that the Guardian-reading classes had it sorted out a decade or so ago – “Man” and “New Man”.

  9. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)


    given urologists’ typical peccadilloes it is quite possible they have never seen a real live woman.

  10. There are people who don’t know what gelding means? That’s just hilarious.

    I used to be reasonably good friends with a trans lady who went through ‘The Change’ as she put it years before I met her. Problem was, despite all the surgery and stuff, she was still pretty blokey looking and sounding, would get very aggressive if some poor waiter accidently asked if sir was ready to order. After a couple of embarrassing public incidents I did the whole distancing thing.

    Shame, because she was a nice person most of the time. But apparently the testosterone doesn’t wear off just because you’ve had your nuts cut.

  11. There are people who don’t know what gelding means?

    It is even more surprising that geldings don’t know what gelding means…. I reckon the Spectator comment filter won’t get it either, so will try it out.

    Shame, because she was a nice person most of the time

    My Uncle Jim was a charming chap generally, but also an absolute nightmare for his wife and family, due to his paranoid schizophrenia. But hey, that’s mentalists for you.

  12. This stuff just gets more confusing all the time. Had to fill in a questionnaire for work today. Usual demographic questions at the end, but now with “are you LGBT+” added, with a note saying “LGBT+ means you don’t identify as heterosexual and cisgender”. Well, I don’t… I identify as male… So does that make me LGBT+ now?

  13. “There are people who don’t know what gelding means?”

    Years ago I walked into the Boots in Inverness. The first things on display were castrating rings. Sound sense of priorities, I thought. Though I didn’t envy the bloke who had to put one on Nessie (if he were a he).

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