Apparently China just left the EU

China rations diesel amid fuel shortages

3 thoughts on “Apparently China just left the EU”

  1. The Chinese have been buggering around with the import of Aussie coal for years. I’d assumed they’d made arrangements to buy it elsewhere.

    Evidently not.

    But the whinges about higher prices are ridiculous. Obviously if they choose to buy higher cost, lower quality coal it’ll cost more. The simplest solution, if it’s beneath their dignity to simply resume buying the stuff from Oz, is to make arrangements with other users to buy their junk coal at higher prices, while they help them to buy the Aussie stuff.

    As for the diesel, I thought the Chinese had plenty of money to buy it from the Middle East. Maybe Biden’s restrictions on fracking mean the Yanks have had to go back to importing oil.

  2. China is also energy inefficient. It costs them 15-20% more power to produce the same output as developed countries.
    So we’ve not only exported our jobs and pollution, we’re making an extra donation to global warming.
    One for the greenies to ponder.

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