Can’t change me tyre

Well, go get the spanner then:

The company said its systems were designed to audit commands to prevent mistakes, but the audit tool had encountered a bug and had failed to stop the command that caused the outage. The outage had knocked out tools that engineers would normally use to investigate and repair such outages, making the task even more difficult.

It’s me spanner that’s broke Guv’.

8 thoughts on “Can’t change me tyre”

  1. Or, at greater length “There’s a Hole In The Bucket”

    Been there with a small to medium sized network, network storm preventing anything from talking to anything, we ended up having to physically disconnect a lot of stuff to sort it out. I feel for the techs.

  2. What amazed me was that their only way of entering their buildings was a security system dependent on their servers being up and running and there was no backup access based on physical keys. The rumour is that eventually they opened the doors by using an angle grinder.

  3. The rumour is that eventually they opened the doors by using an angle grinder.

    And then quickly typed in ELC34791203400K01020390.

  4. Happened to me once. I was contracting at a very big company, when a huge storm blew the local substation and we were plunged into darkness. The servers were on a UPS. Problem was that the door was electronically locked so we couldn’t get in to shut everything down.
    This was the mid 90s. Lessons obviously not learnt.

  5. @ Ottokring

    Lessons were learnt by the people who lived through that back 30 years ago. The woke hipsters who infest the likes of Facebook make sure there are no old timers around to pass on wisdom because they don’t need it. Hence everything is reinvented and is new again.

  6. From a safety perspective isn’t the default state supposed to be open and the power/technology bit is required to keep them locked. Also why you need backup systems to stop someone simply turning off the power to get in

  7. BniC

    From memory, we had to swipe our cards to get in, but there was a door handle inside.

    I assume that getting out is the priority. After all, firemen carry axes and torches and stuff.

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