Comes to something when it’s Vova upholding the Enlightenment

Vladimir Putin said the anti-racism agenda in the West was dividing society as he compared cancel culture warriors in liberal democracies to the Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution.

“The incessant emphasis on race pushes people further apart whereas the true fighters for civic rights tried to eliminate those differences,” the Russian president said.

In a speech at the Valdai Discussion club in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, he lashed also lashed out transgender rights, accusing the West of being “monstrous” to children.

Mr Putin went as far as to compare Western activists pushing for a progressive agenda to Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution “who were also utterly intolerant of opinions different from their own.”

He accused progressives of distorting people’s biological traits with transgender rights. The Russian president regularly rails against Western ideologies and presents himself as a defender of “traditional” values.

“People who dare to say men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracised,” he said.

Only a decade back that’s pretty much what we all believed too.

12 thoughts on “Comes to something when it’s Vova upholding the Enlightenment”

  1. All MSM channels are controlled by Uni-trained commie scum.

    Wouldn’t take long to clear out and Purge the bastards but Woke Johnson has no such intent.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Would this happen to be the same race and trans agenda that Uncle Vlad and Cousin Xi are paying to have constantly twittered to the top of the agenda with the express aim of dividing western society?

  3. @BiNK(GP) Well yes… Those Bolscheviks of yore didn’t pop up by themselves… Took years of preparation to get them to the level of fanaticism to get them juuuust right..

    It’s been about a century ago, but I do believe one of the “Intellectual Hotspots” for coming up with all those ideas and frenzy were british universities as well..

  4. As Julia says.

    I imagine that 99%* of the western world firmly believes everything that Putin states above, and they are right.

    Of course Putin (boo! hiss!) saying these absolutely true things will be used to discredit them.

    *probably quite a bit lower in the ‘progressive’ mentalist reservations of east and west coast USA

  5. Apparently not using someone’s chosen pronouns is a breach of their human rights now but mandatory vaccination or loss of employment and rights to freely travel is ok
    One thing this entire Covid episode has highlighted is that rights mean nothing without an enforcement mechanism and the courts are clearly failing to uphold their side of the deal and are not fit for purpose
    We have a clear conflict locally where the government is refusing to mandate vaccination for everyone and insisting companies and school boards etc have to bring in their own policy, however as one of the tests laid out by the human rights commission is that any policy must show it is necessary and there are no reasonable alternatives then if the government isn’t prepared to rule on a mandate on what basis is another organisation able to make a claim of necessary. It seems like a sneaky way around mandatory vaccination by government pushing blame and risk onto others. We had the same earlier on in the lockdown when local council when asked about lifting restrictions said what restrictions we just issued a load of guidelines it was all voluntary

  6. Its kinda weird how we, in 20 years, went from being a moral example who could lecture the world to be a buncha clownshoes that literal dictatorships can legitimately criticize.

    What the hell happened to us?

  7. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    I never have understood the pronoun thing. The last time I heard someone use a pronoun to describe me in my earshot, I was 9. The next time it will happen I expect to be 90, in the extremely unlikely event I make it that far.

    People say much, much worse things about me out of my earshot than “mispronouning” me. I hope they do, anyway.

  8. They are pinching pronouns from literature and movies now, I came across Sai the other day which is from The Dark Tower

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