Do we have to change the name?

Mile End stabbing: Three stabbed on London night bus leaving man in critical condition

Does this mean the Mile End Road economics of The Sage now becomes stabby economics? Slasher economics?

11 thoughts on “Do we have to change the name?”

  1. Surprised it even made the Standard. Normal for Tower Hamlets. Must have been a slow news day. No Trannie Pride events to cover.
    Persons of no appearance, of course.

  2. “The bus is a specially commissioned double decker which has the ‘Spirit of London’ written on it….”

    do i detect a certain archness to the reporter’s statement of this fact?

  3. I think I missed “ Mile End Road economics”. Can anyone enlighten me, or was it just one of Murphy’s short-lived great ideas?

  4. It’s Danny Blanchflower – with Murph claiming to be part of it – talking about how we need an economics for those outside The City.


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