Err, yes?

The DIY investment boom is leaving behind women as a wave of young male traders who have entered the market since the start of the pandemic has widened the gender gap among investors.

The number of women holding stocks and shares Isas with Hargreaves Lansdown, Britain’s biggest broker, rose by 17pc last year to 320,110. But that was outpaced by the 19pc rise in male customers, to 535,864.

Men are more risk loving/accepting than women. As Harriet Harman noted with her Lehman Sisters comment.


8 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. Firstly, can’t people do what they like within the law? Why must men and women be equal in every bloody thing?

    B. Did they think of giving us the total amount invested, by gender?

    3. How do they know who is what gender, nowadys?

  2. More women are investing, yay! But even more men are investing, sigh. Cue Saint Maggie, their side would rather everyone was worse off if it shrunk the “gap”.

  3. John B, don’t be silly. The solution is obviously to wait, take the successful investments off the men, and give them to women.

    But not just give them to actual women; put them into a female investment fund to give money to worthy female causes. And of course with paid trustees who will include, ooh, perhaps a female financial journalist?

  4. Wait for the demand that any gains from these investments must be taxed more heavily; so that women don’t fall behind.

  5. There are so many layers of nonsense in such a short extract.
    Firstly, the treatment of one broker as being the whole of the UK , secondly treating ISAs as being the only form of investment, thirdly treating the number of new investors as being the same as the value of total investments by current and new investors combined, fourthly “leaving behind” is not the normal description of one moving from 100 to 119 while the other moves from 100 to 117 – “inching ahead” would be a more normal description. I hope that Lauren Almeida has never run a 10km or longer race so is merely ignorant of the meaning of the phrase.

  6. I’d love to ask the author what she’s investing in.

    Kinda like when my friends say they’re “never having kids,” and I ask, “So when did you have your vasectomy, then?”

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