Fairly boutique this Ethics thing

Not exactly huge by the standards of the industry:

Ethic currently has $1.3 billion under management.

Boutique even. Which explains this:

On Tuesday, the couple announced they had invested in fintech asset manager Ethic, saying they “want to rethink the nature of investing to help solve the global issues we all face”.

Investing, well, yes, sweat equity for the publicity perhaps?

After all, it worked pretty well for Shatner with Priceline, right?

5 thoughts on “Fairly boutique this Ethics thing”

  1. Bill Shatner will be going up to the edge of space today on Bezos’ rocket, perhaps the Sussex duo could follow there too, but perhaps they could indulge us by taking a somewhat longer time to return to Earth.

  2. The co-founders of Ethic look very much like the same sort of grifters as the Sussexes.

    $1.3bn AUM still generates a decent sum in fees; I bet they’re charging 1-2% pa (cos ethical investing is complex you see).

  3. Doing a panto rehearsal at the mo. Funny line in the script ends with “….she’s more evil than [insert famous model e.g. kim kardashian here]”. Cast member tries out “Meghan Markle” – everyone laughs, so it goes in.

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