Fuck off, Honey

Campaigners have condemned the conviction of a woman for murdering her husband despite claims she suffered years of violently abusive and controlling behaviour at his hands.

Penelope Jackson was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years on Friday after being found guilty at Bristol Crown Court of murdering her husband David.

Women’s rights groups have said the case is another example of women who “resist” male violence being punished more severely than men “who snap and kill for no reason” and “get off lightly”.

Equality means equality.

12 thoughts on “Fuck off, Honey”

  1. She could have walked out. And at no time did she claim that it was self defence, so the manslaughter plea wouldn’t have stood scrutiny. She made a conscious decision to kill. That’s murder regardless of the circumstances.

  2. The headline says that it is the sentence that is being condemned; the opening paragraph says it is the conviction. Are we really sure the Telegraph still employs anyone who knows the difference?

  3. Her husband emerged to call 999, and during the course of that call – in which she reported him telling her that she “couldn’t even do [the stabbing] right”, she fatally stabbed him two further times in the abdomen.

    This is why you can never really ‘win’ an argument with the wife.

  4. So it’s ok to kill your wife provided you’ve suffered years of violently abusive and controlling behaviour at her hands?

  5. She saw off three other husbands before this guy: two divorced and one poor sod killed himself when she had his two Rottweilers put down when he was away on business.

    I suppose it’s nice to see that it’s not always just women who see an absolute red flashing warning sign and think ‘I’ll be able to change them!’.

  6. JuliaM – damn, that’s cold.

    It’s a very old observation, but still true – people who are cruel to animals have something seriously wrong with them.

  7. I have been following this case with interest and would like to add the following comment based on observation and experience.

    Having a wife is like having a leaking tyre on your Landie. If you don’t pump up the tyre regularly you are in for a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

    This guy had a procedure on his prostate in 2019 and therefore could not pump the leaky tyre on his old an battered Landie. Hence the agro in the household. The leaky tyre needed pumping and he could not pump it up anymore. Some tyres need more pumping than other hardwall types. He picked a leaky tyre and suffered the consequences.

    He picked a tyre that needed pumping on a regular basis when he left his second and suffered the consequence when his pump failed.

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