Guess who thinks he’ll be signing off on the licences?

Richard Murphy says:
October 12 2021 at 8:15 pm
I suspect there will be aircraft

For essential purposes this is an area where licensed emissions may be permitted

But essential purposes might be rather narrow.

17 thoughts on “Guess who thinks he’ll be signing off on the licences?”

  1. Why do ecotwats assume they’ll be able to afford air travel after they’ve destroyed most of the industry and petroleum products become a luxury good?

    Prince Charles will be fine, but I think the rest of us are only able to consider flying because of economies of scale.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Remember kiddies, the internet causes more carbon emissions than the entire civil aviation industry.

    So, time to ban zoom and netflix.

  3. Steve

    The ecotwats have apparently not noticed that with extremely expensive electricty, or non, or intermittedn, there won’t be a semiconductor manufactury in operation; or if it can continue, there’d be fewer and they’d make less.
    So cellphones disappear, because they’d be $20K each in real money. They’d also disappear because cell towers won’t exist, because the electronics in each one won’t be manufactured any more. Similarly, electronics for avaiation, bus and train transport, hospitals, tractors will disappear.

    Similarly, MRI machines etc will all disappear. But that’s OK, because nobody will be able to manufacture drugs.

    But experts in critical race theory and journalists are not that good at logic, or reality, or economics, are they?

  4. It won’t be just lack of semiconductors that causes mobile telephones to stop.
    Have you any idea how much electrical power a mobile network uses?
    Megawatts. Not single digits, or double digits either, hundreds of MW.
    Not much use trying to power those by windmills. And it gets dark at nights, especially in winter – who knew!
    So if the grid goes down, don’t expect your phone to work.

    And just think of the fun the antimast lot will have if the mobile companies try to site diesel generators and fuel silos in a suburban street: or a few tonnes of Tesla incendiaries.

  5. Tim – an incredible dialogue on Tax’s worth a thread..

    Pete Turner says:
    October 13 2021 at 9:18 am
    You have constantly talked about the merits of pension funds and individuals buying long dated Government Bonds for security ..well have you noticed that from the summer 2020 the 30 year gilt is down over 40%!!!!! …pretty shocking for a “no risk” clearly have no understanding of duration risk. Thankfully some of us do.

    Richard Murphy says:
    October 13 2021 at 11:01 am
    Have you noticed that if you hold a 30 year bond you might do so for the long term?

    Apparently not…

    Thank goodness I do not engage investment advice from the likes of you

    Pete Turner says:
    October 13 2021 at 1:25 pm
    Richard, I am not giving you advice I am sticking just to facts so no conjecture. So yes from last summer the 30yr gilt is down over 40%. And from today if you hold it to maturity (so longer term as you say) when it repays at par you are guaranteed a further loss..those are the facts.

    Richard Murphy says:
    October 13 2021 at 1:40 pm
    And the demand for them remains strong

    I suspect you will find the volume traded is low

  6. “But experts in critical race theory and journalists are not that good at logic, or reality, or economics, are they?”

    They are also wholly unequipped to survive in the world they wish to create..
    But they’ll find out soon enough if they go on like this. And that we’re not able to supply something as nice and subtle as a B-Ark.

    But then again… I may be a cynical pessimist, but I’d love to be proven wrong on this one.

  7. The climate lunacy keeps on coming – from Slashdot today: “Solar Panels On Half the World’s Roofs Would Power the Planet”. Apparently this was published in one of Nature’s sub-journals, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at that these days. The imminence of the COP26 Auto-da-Fe is also ramping up the frenzy, despite the High Priestess saying she’s not attending.

  8. “Solar Panels On Half the World’s Roofs Would Power the Planet”
    So what do you do at night?

    Laying interconnectors across the Pacific gonna be a real bitch.

  9. I think this is called Kip’s Fallacy, creating rules with the belief that you’ll be the one to enforce them.

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