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Highly likely, yes,

A network of Twitter accounts linked to China has claimed that Covid-19 was imported to the Wuhan seafood market via a shipment of Maine lobsters from the US, a disinformation researcher has discovered.

The theory is the latest to emerge from Beijing in an effort to deflect and obfuscate any investigation into the virus’s true origin.

A bat virus which appears – appears – engineered to infect humans turns up in lobsters. Yeah, right.

10 thoughts on “Highly likely, yes,”

  1. The looniest ‘conspiracy theory’ i’ve seen so far as to the origins of the virus (which got my daughter a 7 day ban from facebook last year) is that it came from a Level 4 Bio Lab in China (possibly with connections to North Carolina and Winnipeg for the real tin foil hatters).

  2. Nicholas (Unlicensed Joker) Gray

    Lobsters? From the USA? Why would they import them from so far away? China has its’ own coastline. And the US would not be doing it- Trump was doing well until the virus broke out. His reaction to it is what caused all the negative trends. Real conspirators might worry that China hoped for this, and deliberately released the virus from a lab.

  3. Playing Dr Frankenstein with bats in an unsafe lab, sure.
    Deliberately starting germ warfare in your own back yard?
    Cock up, not conspiracy. The conspirators are those yanks who funded it trying to cover it up.

  4. Lobsters from the USA?
    Rampant smuggling of Australian rock lobsters into mainland China is a national security threat, Hong Kong’s new customs chief said Thursday as she vowed to crack down on the trade.
    A threat to National Security is is the current must-have phrase at the moment in Hong Kong so the lady was simply fulfilling her function as an obsequious shoe-shiner (to be polite) however stupid it seems to rational thinkers.
    Last week 5,300 kilograms of smuggled Australian lobsters were seized in HK, so the adminstration is dining expensively. Oz was exporting several thousand tonnes of lobsters a year to China until Beijing, in a fit of pique, banned the trade.

  5. If an immediate embargo had been placed on shipping the lobbies to anywhere else in the USA while continuing to export them worldwide it might be a bit more convincing.

  6. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    “Last week 5,300 kilograms of smuggled Australian lobsters were seized in HK, so the adminstration is dining expensively”

    Er, as it seized the lobsters, the administration is surely dining cheaply?

  7. We did a collective follow-the-money on this blog a couple of monts ago, didn’t we?

    And tearing off the tinfoil, while ignoring Ecksian outbursts, we ended up at the “they can’t possibly have been that stupid?!!” conclusion that yes, ’twas the amurrican government idjits financing the Wuhan lab excercises in Mad Science.

    Frankly, the telling part is the fact that the actual research data/protocols are locked and under, possibly radioactive, concrete, and will be for the foreseeable time.
    If it would have proven this rather serious accusations wrong, China would have been be the first to swing it like a bat to give several people and nations a couple of very diplomatic bruises..

    Funny that…. They’re still not released…

  8. Lobsters with Covid? That’d be some Covid. Lobsters have an oxygen carrier in their blood based on copper rather than the iron in mammal haemoglobin. The chances of a lobster carrying the virus would be about the same as finding a lobster driving a BMW round the M25.

  9. Supposedly influenza made the jump from the intestines of ducks to the human respiratory tract via pigs as an intermediate which allegedly makes the Chinese chief suspects in that case. I wonder whether the sort of cuisine that could mediate a pathogen from a bat to a lobster would be equally appetizing.

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