I suppose it’s a survival technique

Former Spanish king’s sex drive ‘was a danger to the state’
Scandal-hit Juan Carlos, now living in exile, said to have been injected with female hormones to dampen his ‘ardent’ libido

If the position in life depends entirely upon membership of the lucky sperm club then there’s a evolutionary advantage to being fairly aggressive with the distribution of the sperm, no?

13 thoughts on “I suppose it’s a survival technique”

  1. This is indeed a feature, not a bug. The ideal monarch is as ardent in bed as he is warring on the French, has lots of legitimate children to inherent the throne, and scores of splendid royal bastards to install in bishoprics and baronies.

    Henry I sired 29. Edward Malleus Scotorum had at least 19. Great Genghis permanently infused his genetic material into a large portion of the human race.

    Shame on these Dago puritans for interrupting the kingly coitus. Off with their heads!

  2. And yet the Spanish crown was once so lacking in males they had mad Queen Joan, indeed the descendants of Philip II were a sorry lot. Then you have Louis XIII, who took an age to bed his consort (was the Sun Jing really his son?). I’ll see your Henry I, Steve, and raise you Richard II, Henry VI.
    Not to mention the Ottomans. Lots of candidates, most beaten to death and thrown in the Bosphoros. All the sultans after Mehmet the Great a pitiful bunch of epicene nobodies.

  3. Do incline to the opinion that the advantage that the Spaniards had over the Mahometans was that the throne was inherited by primogeniture. This removed the need to murder all your rivals and the civil wars when you didn’t manage it.

    Well, most of the time anyway.

  4. The old Spanish monarchy were Habsburgs with the usual problems of inbreeding. I’m assuming Juan Carlos was from much more outbred stock so he had the benefits of hybrid vigour (in spades!)

    I wonder how many of his conquests were up for it, or perhaps he thought he was entitled to Droite du Seigneur.

  5. Dearieme

    Pasha Kara Mustafa was dispatched in such a manner in Belgrade after the failed siege of Vienna. But rival Sultan candidates were not afforded such er… due process.

  6. TG

    The old Monarchy was Habsburg for a couple hundred of years, but the line failed with the imbecile Carlos II. The Bourbons then took up the reins but they had similar inbreeding problems and their line of kings kept on getting deposed.
    The present bunch are still Bourbons, but are now refreshing the gene pool with the likes of Queen Letizia.

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