It’s like Dachau, innit?

I have some experience of the internet trolls. I have suffered the threats to self and property. I have massive sympathy for Chris (Packham – Ed) and his courage. As he says, all this has a cost. Those doing the trolling and making the threats want that cost to be felt. I think that criminal. So do they. That’s why they seek anonymity when causing harm. But the campaigns do have to go on.

Having people disagree with him in his comments section is just like having your car trashed, innit?

7 thoughts on “It’s like Dachau, innit?”

  1. He knows he is all shite and ego–disagreements threaten his insecure ego-trip. A E Van Vogt could have been thinking of the Fat Twat when he defined his “Right Man” concept.

  2. I have suffered the threats to self and property.

    Poor, helpless, Capt. Potato, bound with ropes to the tracks of his own model railway. (sniff )

  3. In Potatoworld an internet troll is someone who disagrees with him and are obviously criminal so should prosecuted. Meanwhile the great Spudtator will bravely continue the fight to get more paying gigs via grifting and kissing arse of the bandwagon of the day. Expect any moment for him to declare he’s non binary.

  4. I once was in a public restroom and saw the following written in a stall:

    “For a good time, call xxx-xxx-xxxx”

    I immediately called the police to report sexual harassment. Because that’s what Ritchie would do.

  5. I wonder which is worse, a “troll” or a person who publishes untrue and injurious comments and who ends paying damages for libel?

  6. “Expect any moment for him to declare he’s non binary.”

    He would never admit to his disability to do 10=base numbers properly, let alone binary or other number bases…

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