Let’s see if I’ve got Amanduh’s complaint right here

This week, as well, Reuters published a disturbing report exposing how One America News, which can aptly be described as an authoritarian propaganda channel supporting Trump’s demands to be installed illegally as president, is being bankrolled by the communications giant AT&T.

OAN’s founder, Robert Herring Sr., not only claims that OAN was started at the request of AT&T executives but that court records show “AT&T has been a crucial source of funds flowing into OAN, providing tens of millions of dollars in revenue.” AT&T defends this by saying they offer “many news channels that offer viewpoints across the political spectrum,” but of course, OAN is not “news,” because they heavily supported false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent. OAN is profiting handsomely from Trump’s insurrection, as the “network’s online audience soared in November after conservative mainstay and OAN competitor Fox News affirmed Joe Biden’s victory.”

A cable channel, running on a cable system, makes money from being a cable channel running on a cable system.

This is funding, is it? And doesn’t count as just being a cable channel because Amanduh disagrees with it?

14 thoughts on “Let’s see if I’ve got Amanduh’s complaint right here”

  1. …supporting Trump’s demands to be installed illegally as president…

    I very much doubt that he wants to be installed illegally.

  2. @TMB

    “I very much doubt that he wants to be installed illegally”

    Well it seems to be the US process apparently

  3. Imagine someone with an opposite opinion to Life, the Universe, and the number 42 to have the same rights to free speech, entrepeneurship, and other odds and ends as you…

    Not In Teh World of Salon!!

  4. “false claims that the 2020 election was fraudulent”: of course it was fraudulent – it was an American election involving the Democrats. The question is whether it was fraudulent enough to change the result. Maybe it was. We’ll perhaps never know. But the proposition that the claims are false is clearly baseless. There’s been no serious investigation, has there?

    Perhaps partly because – what do you do if the case of a fraudulent result is demonstrated? The Constitution seems to be silent. Can anyone conceive Biden/Harris standing down in favour of Trump? It makes me understand better why Nixon didn’t fuss about JFK’s stealing the 1960 Presidential election. What do you do? Start a civil war; mount a coup?

  5. “Of course, CNN is not ‘news’ because they heavily supported false claims that the 2016 Trump campaign was backed by Russia.”

    Is that how this works?

  6. A generation was brought up getting their news and worldview from Jon Stewart and it’s been downhill ever since. A nation irredeemably divided.

  7. No, Tim – Amanduh’s complaint is that Donald Duck has not been imprisoned without trial (and that anyone in the USA is allowed to speak aloud disagreeing with her).

  8. Dennis, Satan's Editor-In-Chief

    The fact that this was published by Salon means that it will have less distribution than a government document marked “Classified”. Imagiine being a 44 year old professional writer and the best you can do is Salon. She’s journalism’s answer to Richard Murphy.

    If you ever want to see what Batshit Crazy looks like, check out her Twitter feed.

  9. Trump’s demands to be installed illegally as president,

    But that is not and never was Trump’s demand. Not even to be installed *legally* as President – he knows that once the swearing in happens, there’s no mechanism in American law to deal with a fraudulent win (should that have been the case).

    What’s he’s called for is a proper vote audit in several key states. *He* might believe it would show a fraud had been perpetrated, IMO, it will (like the Arizona audit has) show massive incompetence exists in those managing the voting system across the country.

  10. The best Donald Trump could ever have achieved was some level of recognition that the vote was subject to enough fraud in specific districts to call those states results into question. That’s it. There was no mechanism for how to address electoral fraud beyond that and the courts have (rightly or wrongly) refused to intervene or even seriously consider the matter of electoral fraud.

    Even if that had led Biden / Harris to resign (which has a snowflake in Hell’s chance of happening), that would only muddy the waters further and lead to a line of succession / congressional bun fight over who to appoint to the vacant office of POTUS.

    While Donald Trump might have a moral claim to be appointed POTUS in such circumstances, I doubt that Pelosi and the rest of the TDS afflicted congress critters would agree.

  11. I’d argue that the courts are right to avoid ruling on electoral fraud. They’ve usurped far too much power already. Just think of the Wade vs Roe ruling.

    To also determine who is the ruler of the US would be pushing things a trifle too far.

  12. @Boganboy Also, remember that the Supreme Court has also been accused of deciding the 2000 election, and “selecting” Bush as president. So I’m sure they don’t want to create more suspicion of their overreaching control.

  13. This channel is so big and powerful that, er, hardly anyone has heard of it.

    “Tens of millions of dollars in revenue”. WOW HUGE NUMBERS (CNN, Fox, etc run into the billions)

    As long as one organisation or person opposes her, Amanduh will always be the oppressed victim. And if no such opposition exists, invent it anyway.

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