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Teen Vogue introduces us to the concept of necropolitics, the horrifying idea that some lives are worth more than others. This is, they insist, because capitalism is such a vile distortion of the true human spirit. As we might expect from people trained to tell us what is this season’s must-have nail polish, they’ve managed to get the entire concept the wrong way around.

That some lives are worth different amounts from some others is simply the way that we humans act, it’s something built into the basics of the species. The only influence capitalism has, as opposed to any other form of economic structure, is that it raises the value applied to each life.

The only problem with this work is that it does mean that I’ve got to read the likes of Teen Vogue.

Sigh, the things I do, eh?

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  1. Happens with the EU and no capitalism needed to illustrate the point – some countries are worth more than others e.g. the Baltics combined got 3 Commissioners to the UK’s one, or 3 judges to the UK’s two. Despite the UK having about 6 times the population.
    The Remainers say that giving all the little places one Commissioner and one Judge each is a small price to pay so that we all get along. And that the real power is in the Council where the richest countries call the shots. It might not be a bad idea for wealthy donors to have more influence than recipients e.g. South East votes to be worth double the North East but it’s hardly an equitable system.
    Why anyone would expect equal values at the individual level is never explained.

  2. Not strange at all, Bob, they know their target audience, who have been through 8+ years of Marxist indoctrination, or ‘education’ as we in the West like to refer to it.

  3. The key question is worth to *whom*?! For a lot of readers of Teen Vogue, Ed Sheeran’s life is worth than mine; for many retired Americans, living off their investments, Warren Buffet’s life is worth more than Ed Sheeran’s.
    I venture to postulate that by measuring life in money terms they are far more money-biased that 99+% of capitalists who disengage from monetary calculations when looking at individual humans.

  4. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    “the Baltics combined got 3 Commissioners to the UK’s one, or 3 judges to the UK’s two. Despite the UK having about 6 times the population.”

    More than 10 times…

  5. Leave them to it. Hopefully the young impressionable idiots will top themselves and rid the gene pool of their stupidity.

  6. They think this is because of *capitalism*?

    Have they seen how the governments of non-capitalism nations directly murder 10’s to 100’s of millions of their own people because they’re considered useless or even ‘negative value’?

    “To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss.”

  7. If they had had some education, they would know that necropolitics would mean the politics of corpses which is silly because once life is extinct, the Great Leveller’s work is done.

  8. @ Agammamon
    Yes, they do – because they are told anything wrong is due to capitalism, without which all humans would be good, kind, generous and naturally hard-working (except those specially chosen to be able to relax all day long reading Teen Vogue) so that humanity could enjoy an idyllic existence.
    Only Tories look around themselves and observe how people *actually* behave – no we don’t all believe in Original Sin, some of us just in the evidence of our eyes.

  9. At that age I was reading New Scientist, Motorboat and Yachting, RAF Flying Review, a motorbike magazine the name of which I can’t recall, and Readers’ Digest. A minority taste, perhaps, but probably healthier than Teen Vague.

    And at the public library you could look at National Geographic which catered to American tastes in naked “native” women.

  10. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Own up, it was a pretext to buy the magazine for “research” but what you really wanted was this week’s Ed Sheeran centrefold for your bedroom wall.

  11. Yeah… it’s only capitalist societies which can afford to ask the question:
    ‘how much should we spend on saving a life?’

    When you put it that way, it’s obvious that if you spend all you’ve got on preventing road traffic accidents, there won’t be anything left to spend on other causes of death…

  12. So… no more women and children first then?

    Oh wait; the Muzzies already have that figured out with the demographics of their ‘refugees’.


  13. the politics of corpses which is silly because once life is extinct, the Great Leveller’s work is done

    Apart from voting for a well-known political party.

  14. asiaseen: Apart from voting for a well-known political party

    You’re absolutely correct and that possibility hadn’t struck me. Thus necropolitics is redefined as the participation in elections of people who have died much as postal voting is the province of people who cannot read or write and who in some cases are forbidden to leave their homes unaccompanied and unveiled. Useful clarification.

  15. Necropolitics is just the next stage in our great equal society. How dare you oppress the no longer living and deny the right of the dead to vote? Bigot.

  16. Necropolitics; is that the rule of the zombies or vampires?

    G2. That’s certainly proved an excellent means of strangling nuclear power. And of course the lack of plentiful, reliable and cheap energy that you don’t have to fight foreigners to get has cost quite a few lives.

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