Tesla: the $1 trillion company that doesn’t make any money
Elon Musk’s company is worth more than every other car maker combined despite making just 500,000 vehicles, meaning each is worth $2m apiece

It means that the capital value of the ability to produce each car is $2 million. Still absurd but also very different.

5 thoughts on “No”

  1. Worth noting the business model destroying dispruptive nature of Tesla and Spacex. Tesla has invested in ‘giga presses’ which stamp out the entire car body in two pieces only. Essentially making a real car the way we make toy metal cars. It gives a huge reduction in the unit cost of car production and is the reason for Tesla’s dramatic increase (and ever increasing) production rate. They’re basically stamping cars out now. The unit profit once bedded in will be game changing too in much the same way as Spacex’s unit launch costs have all but destroyed United Launch Alliance’s business model. Tesla is not a car company as we know it.

  2. I didn’t know that, Patrick. But I still think Melon Usk is basically Barnum and Bailey with taxpayer subsidies.

  3. Like or loathe Musk, but the sheer amount of jealousy and envy he generates in certain environments means he is doing something right…

  4. Grikath,

    He’s brilliant at media manipulation. The media is full of “tech journalists” who just copy-paste whatever Elon says, because they don’t know shit about tech and are lazy.

    They’re read by young guys with Dunning-Kruger about tech who can now easily buy shares at the click of a button which has created what is probably the greatest bubble in history. There’s kids who are Tesla millionaires living with their parents who are holding the stock. Absolutely mad.

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