Not really and not wholly, no

Mr Johnson claimed that Pareto improvements are the underlying economic thinking behind levelling up and closing the huge regional gaps in Britain. Pareto’s insight was that it is possible to redistribute assets in a way that makes some people better off without anybody else losing out. It suggests that the Government should be able to share out resources more effectively across the country and create no losers – only winners. Reaching this point is known as Pareto optimality.

The Prime Minister said: “If you insist on the economic theory behind levelling up, it is contained in the insight of Vilfredo Pareto, a 19th century Italian figure who floated from the cobwebbed attic of my memories.”

The usual use of the insight is the other way around.

If you find something that makes some people better off without making anyone worse off then you should do it. For such a Pareto improvement increases human welfare, obviously enough.

The thing is, there’s no particular insistence that such things or policies exist. Rather, it’s that if they do then they’re good things to do. It’s also not particular to assets or to government handing them out. Imagine that we had a bureaucracy that existed only to shuffle paper, nothing useful was done by it. The cost is that time that everyone has to spend shuffling paper to feed the bureaucracy. Abolish the bureaucracy and paper shuffling declines and nothing else does. A Pareto improvement.


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  1. Fuck-useless FUB Johnson is fullashite. He plans vax pass 1st step to Chinese Communist style social credit tyranny (a huge chunk of the worlds political piggies all seem to have had the same idea at the same time–amazing eh?), That will enable him to force greeenfreak ruin and poverty on UK. He cant do that via old-style Plod/Beaks/Jails–too expensive. Millions cant and wont give up fossil fuels etc for poverty and cold. But with social credit you can be sent there anyway via soc cred Coventry. So Bogus “thinks”.

    And bollocks to his “levelling up” bollocks. Just another set of bullshite labels to try and cover evil plans. Johnson’s neck needs stretching. A 2 -faced turd who tells us we are living 2 large while he has 6 kids and a 7th little puke on the way.

  2. “He added: “The idea in a nutshell is that you will find talent, genius, flair, imagination, enthusiasm everywhere in this country, all of them evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. And it is our mission as Conservatives to promote opportunity with every tool we have.””

    Four things they could do:-

    1. Move more government out of London
    2. Set a national cap on housing benefit at somewhere like Northampton
    3. Allow more people to work remote
    4. Build motorways in places like Wiltshire and across Wales. Note: not fucking choo-choos.

    The effect of government opening departments in places is that it massively boosts an area. If you moved parliament to Oxford, you wouldn’t just move government jobs, the embassies would move, the shops that ambassadors wives shop in would move, the caterers that do receptions at the embassies would move.

    Londonders think London is this go-ahead dynamic city, but a lot of it is benefit queens. Most of the software projects I get called about in London are on a tentacle of the public sector.

    There’s also a lot more opportunity in this country than the politicians know. Yes, some places up north are poor, but to some extent that’s about a massive retired population. I could say the same thing about some of the towns in Wiltshire, too.

    You want to do well as a young man? Learn to code, move to Stoke and work remote. At £75K you’ll be mortgage free by the time you’re 35. London’s going to have negative equity like you’ve never seen before over the next decade.

  3. Problem is Bloke on M4 is that Bogus J is just exercising his Adam’s Apple. He doesn’t believe or mean a word of it. It is bullshit for Tory faithful mugs like Theo to keep the dues coming in from morons with zero reality-perception power. Look to the Fat Cunt’s actions to see what he is truly about. Turning UK into CCP-style social credit tyranny so he can force greenfreak ruin on us. The hot air is just some bad breath for the mugs to chew on while his real schemes go through.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ London’s going to have negative equity like you’ve never seen before over the next decade.”

    I just wish that were true but as we’ve seen with levelling up, as soon as voters in London and SE start squealing like stuck pigs over any policy that affects house prices, policy is changed to protect them.

  5. I studied Pareto a bit as an undergrad. Can’t remember much about it now, especially as he was dismissed out of hand by my lecturers because he wasn’t Marx or Gramsci. I found the notion of a self- electing elite very seductive, though. There was something like it in the Soviet Union with the nomenklatura. When I see the half-wits, neer do wells and scumbags who now run the world, I am convinced of its truth.

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