Not sure I’ve ever been this bunged up


Constipation drug ‘could boost memory after just six days’

The bit that gets me. So, this is a drug that cures constipation. A cure for constipation is, I would have thought by definition, something that allows you to go to the potty in less than 6 days. But these effects on memory only occur after 6 days, right? So how did they find out?

If it had been an unsuccessful constipation drug used for 6 days then that works of course, but a successful one?

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  1. A quick look up of Prucalopride says it’s a drug for fixing chronic constipation. I.e. it’s not for dealing with the occasional blockage because you ate the wrong thing, but for persistent blockages because your gut is screwed up. Probably it’s one of those drugs that once you start taking it you keep on taking it.

  2. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    It’s called repurposing, the most famous example of which is probably Viagra, for which Pfizer creatively repurposed a side effect as the primary endpoint, switched indication, and gave up on the original indication (hypertension) entirely. OK, it is also used in pulmonary hypertension, but that’s a rare and specific type.

    Other more recent proposals for repurposing have been intentionally buried by big tech, who would rather make the world wait for new and expensive drugs from their big pharma buddies.

  3. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Prucalopride for constipation. Just the name is at least demigod-level trolling.

  4. When I had a bad bout of it, the doctor told me to take the medicine for another fortnight, ‘just to make sure it’s all cleared out’.

  5. Well.. When you’re not wholly occupied with the inability of taking a dump, no doubt the world becomes a tad clearer..

  6. Castor oil – tried and true but not much money in it for the druggists I guess.

    An abiding WW2 childhood memory is of an aunt (a stalwart of St John’s Ambulance Brigade and therefore the family medical expert) forcing slivers of soap up my bum to cure a bout of contstipation.

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