Oh, aye?

A senior member of a watchdog at one of Britain’s biggest prisons has been accused of smuggling drugs and phones into the jail.

The watchdog has been arrested and suspended from their post on the prison’s independent watchdog after a police investigation.

Prison sources said police were alerted from a tip-off which claimed the watchdog was bringing in the drugs and phones after striking up a relationship with one of the inmates in the jail.

And what sort of relationship might that be?

We might even find out the sex – or perhaps gender – of the visitor at some point…..

17 thoughts on “Oh, aye?”

  1. We might also find out the species of the visitor if we go by the Telegraph’s atrocious grammar. “The watchdog has been arrested and suspended” implies the whole watchdog organisation. Or it could mean a actual dog.

  2. A guy I know had been a screw in Chelmsford jail up until 2013/14 and at that time a smuggled in mobile phone was £1000. One of the newer warders was found to have 13 in his locker….. Basic pay at the time was a bit over £20k.
    One of the ‘favourite’ ways of getting a phone in by a convict on their arrival was up their ar*e and the prison had a detection device that they had to sit on, the name of which escapes me.

  3. I’m with SBML, what the hell are we actually talking about here? What does ‘a senior member of a watchdog’ even mean? Is this a prison guard? A member of OFnick or whatever it’s called? Or a bent Alsatian?

  4. The Ministry of Justice accidentally conducted an experiment last year. They banned visitors but the flow of drugs did not decline. It’s almost as if the Prison Officers’ Association regards dealing to a captive market as a perk of the job. Some misalignment with the interests of society, I think.

  5. Have just cheated – ie: used google. It’s called the BOSS – Body Orifice Scanner. And there are phones that are sold as being able to “Beat the BOSS”……….

  6. The official watchdog – is HM inspectorate of prisons, if its that then this is a v big scandal.But i suspect its dogooders rather that watchdoggers, howard league, elizabeth fry a million others.

  7. Oh- reading the piece – its called the independent monitoring board. So a dogooder who got themselves appointed.

  8. – IMB members are recruited as ordinary members of the public to provide independent, unpaid work monitoring the day-to-day life of prisons.
    . . .
    Members have unrestricted access to their local jail at any time and can talk to any prisoner or detainee they wish to, out of sight and hearing of a member of staff if necessary. –

    Now matter how tight they make a system something always gets through the cracks.

  9. or, like something that made our news.. a female councellor caught giving …lip service.. to her client..

    Dem brits.. always a laugh.. 😉

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