On the new Biden tax plan again

There’s a bit of kabuki theatre here.

Given that they’re using budget reconciliation to get this passed. Plus, Biden insisting the deficit won’t go up. Means they’ve got to find tax revenue to pay for their spending.

It doesn’t actually matter – politically – whether the tax revenue arrives. It just has to score, by the usual CBO numbers, as going to arrive. So, if the CBO would score a tax on moonbeams and cucumbers as increasing revenue then that’s what they’d put in there.

That’s the correct way to view all of this. It’s not anything like considered views on how to gain more actual revenue. It’s anything and everything to get this bill passed and bugger all else.

Which is why the tax proposals are so idiotic of course.

2 thoughts on “On the new Biden tax plan again”

  1. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    So it’s about as real as the non-mandate mandate?

    And will still have some effect on behaviour in those the announcement targets, except in this case probably diametrically opposed to the Brandon regime’s wishes.

  2. This tax plan is full of disingenuous bullshit designed to evade the CBO budget neutrality analysis. Things like giveaway programs sunsetting after a few years to lower out year costs. The Dems knowing full well they will scream ‘racism’ if a later administration allows them to sunset. Things like taxes starting after 2022 or 2024 to preserve the Dems political viability in those elections. Things like repealing SALT deduction limits as a perk for their donor class.

    I want to go full Ecksian on them. It’s time to apply some red hot iron to these people’s nether regions.

    Let’s go brandin’!

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