Ritchie got a mass mailing of an opinion survey

I was asked yesterday by one of the UK’s accounting institutes if I might fill in an appraisal of their performance. I decided to do so, out of curiosity as to what they might ask.

Having not given them scores to gloat over during the questionnaire stage of this process I was then given the opportunity to provide any additional comment on my feelings about their performance, particularly with regard to their public perception. I decided to not hold back.

Pooter Lives!

5 thoughts on “Ritchie got a mass mailing of an opinion survey”

  1. Dennis, Hunting Tigers Out In India

    No, and you do Charles Pooter a disservice. He had a real job and a wife that loved him.

  2. I’m pretty sure that the public at large neither know nor care who the UK accounting institutes are or even what they do.

    No doubt the responses from Her Oberst Drei Professuren will raise howls of derision and laughter at said institute.

  3. I’m sure the Institute took extra care to ensure that they were seeking opinion only from members of a certain special status, not just ordinary riff raff members. “Male members” perhaps.

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