Seeing a .com rather than a

As a result of a bit of work I’m doing I need to be able to read

No, don’t ask.

If I go to the site it will only present me with

So, how do I get to see .com? I’ve tried incognito window and that doesn’t work….

6 thoughts on “Seeing a .com rather than a”

  1. Install a free VPN (Windscribe is a good choice on desktop, Thunder VPN on Android), turn it on, set your location to the US, go to the site

  2. VPN is the way to go. I found that it still reverted to the site until I shut the browser down and reopened it. I use ExpressVPN due to speed and no tracking logs considerations, but the free one that comes with Opera seems to work OK.

  3. If Tim is connecting from Portugal they must have a blanket redirect to the uk version for all of Europe. Needless to say they don’t redirect me connecting from Thai.

  4. “blanket redirect to the uk version for all of Europe”

    Sometimes the “EU” re-direct can be down to GDPR – the left side don’t want to know.

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