Or, perhaps, leaf it alone:

Wisteria has “colonial roots”, according to a sightseeing guide funded by Transport for London which has branded botanical terms “native” and “invasive” as offensive.

Classifying plants as “exotic” also has “colonial connotations” as it symbolises the “mysteriously foreign”, the authors of the map claim.

The ‘Art on the Underground’ pamphlet guides visitors through green spaces in Brixton, south London, pointing out the “colonial roots of plants in our parks, gardens and squares today”, and that acts of colonialism “still affect who owns a garden today and who doesn’t”.

Root out this hate. Trim society. Prune the prejudice.

16 thoughts on “Shoot them”

  1. The usual combination of errors, lies and derangement. And, of course, a waste of the money TFL claims to be short of.

    I am increasingly in favour of an Ecksian-plus purge, in which the 100 most senior people in every single public and public-funded body are dragged out into the street and shot.

  2. Then there’s the walking kind of invasive colonial leftovers. Doesn’t the same logic apply there?

  3. I don’t think it’s native or invasive. It’s native, non-native, and invasive. Invasive is a term for something if you don’t keep it under control it’ll take over everywhere e.g. Japanese knotweed bunging up the Isle of Wight Clines. IIRC to be native you have to be growing here before 1550 or so, several things brought in by the colonial Romans (sweet chestnuts?) are termed native.

  4. Where does a Camel Belong? is an interesting book.
    (Camels are only wild in Australia, where they didn’t evolve.)

  5. So growing foreign plants here is colonialism. But foreign people living here and rejecting our culture isn’t.


    Ever get the feeling you’re living in an Orwell novel?

  6. The Purge is evermore needed. More and more folks are seeing that now because it is the only way to be shot of this middle class Marxist scum.

    I never –apart from rage getting the upper-hand re assorted political scum–advocated murder. Mass or otherwise. But a large number of middle class Marxist scum would benefit from a quality beating. After this last 18 months and 100,000s of death callously laid on by lying scum they maybe do deserve more. But even then they first have to be defeated and booted out.

    They need to be purged from everywhere. And remember their shite was in the Civil Service by the mid-late 1990S. So there is a lot of scum to roust out without mercy. The entire SCS must go minus compo and pensions.

  7. @Sam Duncan – October 6, 2021 at 12:34 pm

    Ever get the feeling you’re living in an Orwell novel?

    “Orwell”..? Fecking Kafka morelike!

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