So, incinerate the plastic bottles then

Clothing made from recycled bottles is actually creating more plastic waste, a pollution charity has found, as it labelled the practice “greenwashing”.

Polyester and other materials created from plastic bottles cannot be recycled and are ending up in landfill at the end of their life, campaigners City to Sea said.

Conversely, plastic bottles are some of the easiest items to recycle, and the material can be turned into new products several times.

“This process sets the plastic on a one-way path to incineration by turning a recyclable product into an unrecyclable one,” said Steve Hynd, the policy manager at City to Sea.

Just burn the stuff for the energy content after one use, seems simple enough. After all, the usual conclusion these days is we’ve too much oil because climate change.

14 thoughts on “So, incinerate the plastic bottles then”

  1. I can’t help but feel that the fact they make something that makes people happy is the real issue…

    Maybe if they made plastic hair shirts from them they’d be happy?

    Ah, what am I saying? They’ll never be happy…

  2. Actually, landfill is fine and a sustainable method of disposal.

    Oil and coal are dug up from the ground
    They are made into consumer products.
    Once these are not needed, they are returned to the ground again.

  3. Again–cunts pushing this sort of greenshite need to be punished. Not listened to as if what they are saying had any other purpose than the destruction of the high tech decent life we have created. Every word out an eco-freaks gob is just such an attack and needs to be responded to with the hostility such evil talk deserves.

  4. But are the new products that can be made from plastic bottles more valuable than having clothes on your back?
    If so, there is a business opportunity. City to Sea buy up used plastic bottles- I’d expect the price to be zero- manufacture whatever it is out of them and sell the products. If they are right they won’t need funding anymore, they’ll be paying taxes.

  5. “Polyester is difficult to recycle because of the challenge of isolating and removing the plastic elements in the material.”

    Huh? Polyester is a “plastic” in and of itself…

    This besides the fact that a lot of “recycled” clothing doesn’t get recycled at all, but serves as burnable mass for incinerators. Especially the big ‘uns that deal with the real nasty stuff.
    A finely spun carrier that’s semi-absorbent of its own, fully absorbent if mixed with cotton ( aka shredded jeans..) and that ignites easily before turnng into a nice hot carbon bed when ventilated?
    They love the stuff at the big burners…

    But imagine activist Greenies actually knowing anything about their object of Hate-du-Jour…

  6. Incinerators are like nuclear power: they work, they solve the problem, but greenies refuse to accept them.

  7. Must agree with you DG. We dug the stuff up, used it, now we bury it again. Of course Tim is also right; we could burn it.

    But I think Ecks is right as well. I’m just pondering of the outrage of the sainted Sheik Nur al-Daim when Mohammed Ahmed pointed out that the music, dancing and gorging on food and drink to celebrate his son’s circumcision was most unholy. Naturally the Sheik felt that these sort of prohibitions were for the plebs not him.

    Of course the Madhi learned the error of his ways. When he reached the top he indulged in colossal feasts and even a nice soft bed. He had so many concubines they had to be stored in Gordon’s palace. He received his inner circle reclining on a gold-brocaded pillow, while female attendants fanned him with ostrich feathers or massaged his feet, hands and neck. As you can see, he seems to have been a reasonable sort of bloke at heart.

    Sounds just like a modern politician doesn’t he?

  8. Incinerators are like nuclear power: they work, they solve the problem, but greenies refuse to accept them.

    Of course they refuse. The problem isn’t there to be solved, because then these cunts would have to find some other cause to try to make the rest of us cold, miserable, underfed and in an early grave.

  9. Bilbao’s urban waste goes to Zabalgarbi (a electricity generating incinerator). I stuff all the plastic I can into the rubbish bags. Recycling is a total con and burning a hydrocarbon after giving it one (or many uses) is the perfect circle.


  10. Landfill is such an ugly word. Just call it ‘carbon sequestration’ and they will be beating down your door to do it. There is no thought behind the outrage du jour, just feelz.

  11. Mohavie, “Feelz”.

    There are feelers and facters.

    Feelers base their opinions on feelings and emotion = The ice is melting, polar bears are drowning and near extinction.

    Facters base their opinions on facts and evidence = There is about the same amount of ice as in the 1970’s and there are actually 5-6 times more polar bears.

    Feelers are impervious to facts and evidence.

  12. BiNK – Don’t joke about it. Witness the demise of the drinking straw as a useful tool. Also our usual toast sliced loaf has cardboard closures instead of plastic now, which invariably bend in two less than halfway into the loaf.

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