So The Sage of Ely is a populist then?

The foundations of populist politics are easy to explain.

First you say that the people are oppressed by an elite.

Then you say that the experts in that elite are not telling the truth.

In place of their expert view you offer an alternative explanation that undermines that expert view.

You wait for anger to rise as people turn against the elite.

You then capture that anger for political gain.

He’s been claiming all that about the neolibruls for how long now?

Then this:

It will then be said that the NHS is failing.

It will then be argued that a private sector alternative would be better.

The NHS GP service will be privatised.

His own wife is a GP. Does he now know that GPs are private already?

14 thoughts on “So The Sage of Ely is a populist then?”

  1. He’s a blithering idiot. He must have done his wife’s tax returns, apparently incompetently. Would be good if she received penalty assessments as a result.

  2. “Does he now know that GPs are private already”

    I think that is one of the NHS best kept secrets. The vast bulk of the population think that GP practices are direct NHS employees not independent businesses that sell their services to the NHS.

  3. philip

    Remarkably few GP doctors dispense quality healthcare.

    Frankly I don’t know why we don’t go back to barbershop medical services, at least you’d be able to get a short back and sides at the same time.

  4. @John Galt. Last I saw comments on it is they’re still married, albeit not Living Together.
    No doubt because of Tax Justice and Transparent Accounting , and…

  5. Not quite. Back when we thought he’s merely mislaid another wife it was fun to joke about it.

    As it happens. She had cancer. V bad metal effects of chemo. Apparently this can, 1:10k cases, cause proper madness, staring bonkers. So, separate, he brings up the two boys. Now she’s recovered and they’re back together again.

    Lord alone knows that I take the piss out of him but I’m not going to for that story – assuming what he’s said about it is true.

    I’d also be perfectly happy if no one else around here criticised him for it either. It’s not as if we’re short of things to have a go about.

  6. “I’d also be perfectly happy if no one else around here criticised him for it either. It’s not as if we’re short of things to have a go about.”

    The Left aren’t exactly strangers to getting personal about their opponents. After all they invented the phase ‘the personal is political’. Do you think if Boris was having marriage problems that Spud would fail to comment negatively on the matter?

    And yes I know what you’ll say, we on the Right should be better than that, but to be frank I’m past caring. When you’re fighting evil it is entirely legitimate to use their own methods against them. I’m of the opinion that if you use a tactic on your opponent you can have no qualms about it being used on you in return. If you can’t take it don’t start it.

  7. Tim

    Fair comment – but remember his behaviour to the Oxford Center for Business Taxation or Christie Malry or GERS and Kevin Hague? He doesn’t inspire much sympathy.

  8. He doesn’t inspire *any* sympathy – but his poor wife deserves lots.
    Also his choosing to look after the boys is an improvement on any previous action of his of which i have heard.

  9. But what if all the foundations of populism he decries are actually true and happening now? What major party politician is pointing them out, using them to their advantage? Where is our Kier Hardie, Jefferson or Mosley?

  10. It is an interesting word, populism. It seems to have no meaning outside of the context of the person using it.

    As for Spud’s domestic difficulties. Is there actually collateral for this? Sorry, but I’ve heard far too many sob stories from grifters over the years to assign much credence to them. Does this tie in with our fist-typing-in-his-under-pants Don Quixote routine? As I’ve said many times before, I have deep suspicions Richard Murphy tax campaigner, righter of wrongs, is nothing other than a gig.

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