Sure this has happened before

Not in Turkey:

A Turkish man who was reported missing after he wandered off from his friends while drunk unwittingly joined his own search party.

According to Turkish media reports, relatives of the man, Beyhan Mutlu, raised the alarm about him going missing on Tuesday.

For several hours, Mr Mutlu’s friends and family had been unable to find him, prompting them to set up a search party in the forest where he had disappeared.

But Mr Mutlu, 50, eventually stumbled across one of the groups in the woods and joined their search. He was only discovered when someone called out his name and he replied “I am here.”

Just some little buzz at the back of the mind that this story has run before. Not this specific one, but someone joining the search party for him.

3 thoughts on “Sure this has happened before”

  1. Somewhere US-ish in the past year as well, if I remember correctly. Definitely a couple of times in Russia ( russians and vodka-fuelled antics…. endless entertainment..).

    Doesn’t happen often, but regular enough to get that “oh gods, another idjit..” vibe.

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