The elephant trap works!

The first is that there is remarkably little tax evasion going on. Nor, come to that is there that much tax avoidance

Because there are no elephants in the kitchen.

Of course, the more rational explanation is that there never was much tax evasion nor avoidance going on. Making all that “work” irrelevant to the amount of it.

8 thoughts on “The elephant trap works!”

  1. Amazing how a feud with TJN now forces the heroic Potato to deny that he ever claimed that tax havens were all about tax evasion. I am sure there must be a tirade on his blog about financing films from the Virgin Islands

  2. I think one person on here, the marvellous Von Patten perhaps, has read Murphy’s third book of turd “Dirty Secrets, How Tax Havens Destroy The Economy”.
    If it’s really as bad as the title this a massive turnabout from snippa.
    Should have called it “Clean Secrets, It’s Mostly Compliant”

  3. If I had to make a guess as to where the most tax evasion is, I’d say at the bottom of the income scale. There’s enough legal ways for the uber-wealthy to shield their income and wealth from the taxman, why bother doing anything illegal? Whereas I doubt there’s anyone in the 99% who hasn’t at some point either received undeclared cash for work done, or paid cash to a tradesman to ‘knock the VAT off’, or under-declared assets/income to the welfare authorities.

  4. It’s far, far easier for 100,000 people to each evade* £100 of tax than for one gazillionnaire to evade* £10M of tax (or even for 10 of them to evade £1M each).

    *Strict definition of “evade”, i.e. unquestionably illegal behaviour, not an evoidance / avasion is-it-isn’t-it-legal scheme.

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