The list of global instabilities

From the Club of Rome:

Sensemaking disrupted by
social media

Quite, can’t just let the proles shoot off their mouths. They might make sense of things the way we don’t want them to.

3 thoughts on “The list of global instabilities”

  1. Well, I glanced at it Tim. I just couldn’t bear to really read it.

    But it does prove that the Club of Rome is even worse than I thought.

  2. Oh, it is, Boganboy, it is. (In fact, it doesn’t really matter how bad you thought it was; it’s worse.)

    I managed a paragraph (after the introductory bumf-over-shiny-scary-photos bit, which I skipped over, obviously). Apparently the totalitarianism of the last 18 months was inevitable because we didn’t listen to the neo-Malthusians. Don’t make them hit you again.

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